Yoga teacher training

Learn to explore new depths of yoga teaching techniques.

Yoga is the new fad all over the world these days. It dates back to prehistoric times of the first millennium BCE. Yoga, as described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is nothing but the practices and discipline to attain complete peace with one self and one’s surroundings.

If you have been practicing Yoga regularly for a few years, and gotten hooked on to it, you should give a thought to yoga teacher training .You wish to accomplish increased peace and energy you may wish to consider the training program.

One can always enter the teaching field after this course or even if not, a good training program will enhance your personal experience with yoga. You can widen up your knowledge regarding yoga philosophy, anatomy alignment and sequencing.

Do you wish to become a yoga teacher?

sec-yogaMost of the training programs have minimum requirements for their prospective trainees. They typically include a letter of recommendation stating that you have practiced yoga for several years.

Students who love yoga but are unhappy with their day jobs hope to become a yoga teacher to improve their monetary conditions. Although sometimes things work out this way, be aware only this a profession does not yield big bucks

Why is registration important?

In US, Yoga Alliance a nationally recognized organization registers the teacher-training programs that meet their certain standards .Two levels of Yoga Alliance certificates available – 200 Hour and 500 Hour referring to the length and duration of the program. First the trainees complete the 200-Hour program, then some teachers may choose to continue their study by undertaking the 500-Hour training.

We are a RYT group and you can learn and attend these courses here with us.

Take your yoga practice to a deeper level or teach others the wonderful benefits of yoga.

The Source Of Yoga is available to you as per your needs. Consider the schedule and you can apply online. Our vision is not only to foster outstanding yoga professionals but also to reach out in the world and spread peace through them.

After the completion of the course, graduates receive internationally recognized certification by the worldwide Yoga Alliance.


Source Of Yoga provides a great opportunity to transform and enrich your personal experience with the help of a comprehensive routine sessions. Yoga is safe and effective. Freshers are recommended to join the 200 hour program. We enable you imbibe self-discipline and self-awareness with these teacher training programs.

The course is focused on the practice and methodology of teaching Yoga. The Primary Series including over 70 asanas or postures is sequenced with Mysore style or a Led Primary Series remaining duration of the course. Next the Intermediate Series is taught those students on an individual basis have completed the Primary Series.

The students are introduced with Sanskrit names of the asanas. They are taught basic yoga philosophy, Yoga Sutras and Ayurveda and Meditation instructions. Each trainee will get opportunities to assist, teach, and give adjustments.

This Yoga Teacher Training will help you discover new depths of Yoga practice by exploring the teaching techniques.

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