Why you Should Buy a Display Home in Queensland

If you are looking to increase your investments then buying a display home can be an attractive proposition. People in Queensland are showing great interest in purchasing a display home these days. For those who are still not aware of this unique concept, here is a brief explanation of what a display home is and what the benefits of buying such a home are.


Display homes are used for advertising by home builders. They are high in quality and have a luxurious finishing. They are built with modern appliances and energy saving techniques. When your new home is ready, you can move in or lease it out.

What are the benefits of owning a display home?

  • First of all, a display home is an investment that will give you returns. Home builders will pay a premium amount which is usually higher than the normal rent.
  • Home builders also sign a lease agreement for a year or two. They maintain it in top class condition because they will use it for advertising their business.
  • When you lease it out to home builders in Queensland, you have secured a monthly rental income.
  • The house is maintained in a good condition and there is no wear tear that is usually caused by tenants.
  • The best part is yet to come and that is you are a landlord!

What are the features of a display home?

Display homes are built with high quality fittings and are very stylish. For example the bathrooms are fitted with stylish chrome taps, towel rails and good quality ceramic tiles. They are matched to perfection and made to look attractive. The kitchen will also have the most modern equipment.

You will find several finer details that are not available in a regular home. A display home is usually used for one or two years. During this period the home builder takes end-to-end care of the house. While you get your rent you also save on the maintenance costs. These are added advantages and also additional features of the display home.

What other features should I look for in a display home?

Home buyers look for several features in a display home. However, some of them take precedence over the rest. Since it is a display home the top feature that most buyers look at is the design. The design should be the best than the rest. They also look at these factors:

  • Is the home built for energy efficiency? An energy efficient home will save power bills in the future.
  • How is the water supply and water saving measures planned? These measures should be taken care of while building the home.
  • Are the lightings and other electrical fittings energy efficient? Energy efficiency is required to save electricity bills.
  • Are the electrical appliances modern and energy saving? Most modern appliances are energy efficient.
  • How soon can I get the display home constructed? Yes the sooner it is constructed the sooner you can start getting rent out of it.
  • How the heating and cooling are planned in the home? These days, many homes are coming with solar powered heating and cooling system to save on energy bills.

 How should I choose a display home?

When it comes to investing in a display home, the location plays a key role. Display homes in Queensland are available in the most scenic locations. So when it comes to investing in a display home, the location plays the most important role. However, there is no point in owning a house that looks top of the class in a suburb. Even the area should compliment it.

In a place like Queensland, finding a display home in a good location is not a problem. A good location also fetches more rent. If it is located in an upscale area, home builders tend to pay a higher rent. And, when you decide to move in, you can enjoy the luxury of living in an upscale area.

Author Bio: Shivani Sharma is associated with NewStart, one of the most trusted home builders and renovators in Australia. She is fascinated with the idea of display homes and love to share her ideas and insights through blogging. If you are looking for a new home in Australia, it might be a good idea to get in touch with NewStart!

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