Why to Use Pull Out Shelves In The Kitchen

Pull out shelves come very handy when you want to add space in your somewhat “cramped for space” kitchen. Frankly, cabinets are difficult to arrange as they are heavy and bulky. If you have difficulty is arranging your kitchen, then probably you are not the only one. The great advantage of pull out shelves is that these can get installed almost anywhere without any modification. Due to this benefit alone, pull out shelves are very popular among home makers for almost ten years now. You can easily do away with your traditional cabinets and install these shelves. It will make your kitchen look spacious and yet allow you to organise your things methodically.

Pull out shelves are known as sliding shelves, roll out shelves, ‘flexi’ shelves and many other names.  Whatever the name might be, these shelves serve one purpose mainly which is to allow access to goods from outside of the cabinets. As these shelves are installed inside the cabinets, when the cabinet door is closed, these shelves are fully covered so there is no dust on your utensils. In other words, you are adding flexible drawers to your existing cabinets without spending more on your cabinet or without modifying the cabinet frame. Finally, if you are looking to sell the house, adding these shelves will get your higher price as most modern home owners want these shelves in their kitchens.

What more do you really want from any package? Pull out shelves add value and also brings convenience in your kitchen. Let me tell you two things however, especially if you are looking for pull out shelves. You should consider the weight handling limit of the shelves as well as the shape of the shelves as they vary greatly from model to model. Easy loading and unloading of these shelves is important. Many models of these ‘flexi’ shelves can handle heavy loads. When you find the exact model you require, you shall be amazed how easily these shelves can store your various kitchen equipments and still how economical the solution really is.

You need to be very clear of what you are going to store in these shelves. It is because the size and the weight of those things can vary and so will the model of the roll out shelves you are about to procure. There are two types of ratings for these shelves, namely static and dynamic. Static is the load handling capacity when the shelves are sitting idly inside and dynamic is the rating which says how much load the shelves can handle when it is in motion or being pulled out. Remember, the weight handling capacity does not take the weight of these shelves into consideration so you don’t need to worry about those. All you need to calculate is how much load are you going to put on it.

Setting up these shelves need not mean that you need to remove your current shelves. There are many kitchen cabinets which come with the option of adding roll out shelves in the middle and the bottom section. You can install up to 5 such shelves in the bottom cabinet if you need. These shelves can be removed any time and installed some place else which makes this kitchen equipment perfectly portable.

Pull out shelves are already popular due to how they add space in your kitchen and still save money at the same time. With options to remove and re-install them anywhere later, these shelves are perfectly portable and yet perfectly protect anything from dust. The shelves come in different shapes, sizes and load handling capacities so finding one that you require is never a problem.

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