Why To Invest In Gurgaon Rather Than Investing In Noida?

The sale of houses have increased in several property markets in the last few months, as compared to the last year, due to new launches in the property market and that too at attractive prices and discounts. There are hopes of further cuts in the rates of home loans and chances of the economy to get revived in the future, which will further increase the sale of houses.

When it comes to investing in houses, then the metropolitan cities like Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon top the list. These cities are the most vied destinations, when it comes to the sale of houses.

You must have a clear picture in your mind, when you go to buy property in Gurgaon or Noida. You must know what to look out for. It must provide you a good surrounding and community, so that you can reside in the place peacefully and happily.

When you go to select a property, then you must know about the exact background of the property. This is a very important factor, as some houses may have witnessed some past incidents related to crime, which may play havoc in the lives of the upcoming owners. The property papers must be checked completely before making the payment, so as to avoid any further confusion in the future. If you have a garden and a terrace along with you house, then it is an added benefit, as these small things play a huge impact, when you actually start living in the place.

Now, let’s see which place is a better place to live- Gurgaon /Noida?


This is a fabulous location to invest in property like apartments in Gurgaon, as it is a perfect combination of wide industrial areas, and good transportation facilities. In the last decade, this state had made a considerable amount of growth and it has become one of the best hubs in the Northern India.

Due to the huge expansion, several multinational companies are attracted to come and invest here. You must have a good knowledge of the property, when you have to buy or sell it.

The demand for the property has also increased, due to the increase in the number of jobs. Even the property dealers have come up with a range of commercial, residential, and retail space, to fulfill the demands of the buyers. Gurgaon is called the ‘millennium city’, as it saw a decline in the demand for new homes. However, the decline did not deter the prices to come down, as it kept on increasing. The prices remained stable, due to fewer project launches, lower inventory, and an increase in speculation, led the prices to remain stable under tough financial conditions too.

The real estate hotshots, who have developed huge projects, have launched few apartments to focus on the execution and clearance of inventory.


Noida also went through a slower pace when new projects were launched in the market, but unlike the case of Gurgaon, the demand in Noida remained constant.  When compared to other cities, Noida is an affordable city, but its absorption rate remained less. The prices of houses have remained low due to a large number of project launches, poor execution, and increases in the prices. Due to this, the investors have gone absconding from the market.

There is a dismal ray of hope in the near future if the projects are executed in a timely manner.

So, if you are someone who is looking for affordable housing, then Noida is for you and if your pockets are heavy, then it can’t get better than Gurgaon.

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