Which tent should you buy for yourself?

Buying a tent is no less than buying a home. Because the tent is going to be your home for at least a few days when you go camping. A tent is the very basic accessory that a regular camper can posses. Lying down inside a cosy tent and hearing to the wild sounds of the nature during the night is the best experience that a man can have.

So, if you want to enjoy this ultimate experience, then you better buy a tent. But, how do you choose a tent for your camping? Below are some handy tips -

Basically, the tents are classified on the seasons that they can be used in. Like summer tents, three-season tents, convertible tents, tarp and winter tents.

Summer tent -

This is obviously used in summer. It is specially designed to get maximum amount of ventilation and bug protection. So, if you love camping in summers, this is your tent.

Three season tent -
It is good for all the other three seasons than winter. That is summer, fall and spring. This tent is designed to keep you dry and comfortable. It can hold up even in strong winds and rainfall.

Convertible tent -
A convertible tent is good for you if you are a camper who experiments in all types of weather conditions. There will be accessories for spring and fall seasons such as poles and lobby that can be stripped down in summer. These are much heavier tents than the others.

Shower tent -
Some people just love to lie on the grass and watch the night sky. Such people do not care for a tent in the night. But, they will certainly need one in the morning to shower and change. A camping shower tent is ideal when there are women travellers with you. It is a best place to change clothes and freshen up.

Tarp -
Tarp is for people who hate weight. If you are travelling on a bike or want to travel light, then choose this tent. It is light weight and easy to carry. It consists of a single solid sheet of nylon and sometimes polyester. It can be fixed to trees, poles or any solid structures. All you need is knot-tying expertise to raise your tent. It is not a very comfortable tent and you will have no protection from bugs. It is suitable for bachelors or single travellers.

Winter tent -
It consists of tough fabrics and sturdy poles to face all that heavy snowfall and blowing winds. They can withstand the harshest conditions. It is the best if you are camping with family and when safety is your first preference.

Water proof tents -
These are the tents to take along during the monsoons. They keep you dry and can withstand in heavy rains.
These are some of the types of tents that you can choose from. Among these, you will get even more options related to size, quality, making, design, number of doors, height, length and so on. Be sure to choose carefully be it an outdoor shower tent or an all season tent.

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