What is to look out for before purchasing auto insurance?

The five C’s are said to be the most significant criteria when it comes to considering purchasing the best car insurance for the vehicle.

Some aspects to look into
Claims settlement policy: It is during the time of making an insurance claim that the actual genuinity, sincerity and authenticity of the insurance company is known. One can check into the past records of the company, with regards to claim resolution. Also, it is necessary to check if existing insurance could be transferred into the other best car insurance in India Company without losing any benefits which have been paid for already.

Coverage: It is essential to know as to what is the most appropriate coverage to be taken from the reputed car insurance India company. Generally, auto insurance policies tend to cover own damage and third party liability. It is necessary for car owners to opt f or insurance coverage of third party liability, while damage is regarded to be optional. Trying to opt for both has been stated to be the standard procedure, as they cover damages of any type due to loss and accidents occurring from 3rd party mishaps. Many insurance providers may offer with basic policy ‘add ons’.

Customer service: Insurance policies these days are issued instantly by online car insurance companies, due to advanced technology. Apart from this, other types of issues like changes made in policies or cancellations get quickly processed, without any delay. During a claim, even cashless settlement can be availed, to ensure that post repair delivery gets quicker without having to incur bills.

Communication access: Contact information of the car insurance online company needs to be accessible easily. In case, the insured individual comes across any kind of problem, then he/she is to know as to who is to be contacted and to follow the correct procedure to eliminate the hassle and stress.

Cost: The final aspect that one has to take into consideration is the premium or price that needs to be paid for the policy purchased. Auto insurance premium generally is said to be based upon the IDV or insured declared value and rate multiplier, which depends upon the car mode, car age, daily mileage and terrain of location. Declaring the correct IDV is necessary and a policy is to be selected which offers optimum IDV, although if there is a need to have slight higher premium to be paid.

The above are few of the aspects that need to be understood when considering buying an auto insurance policy.

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