What is Data Mining and Why Outsourcing it Makes Sense

There is tons of data on the Internet. Every day, 2 million blog posts are published. While most of them are personal blogs, there are hundreds of thousands of posts by businesses and organizations. These posts contain a wealth of information on a wide range of subject. A skilled Internet researcher can easily find useful and important data by searching for it online. Also, business organizations generate a lot of data internally.

Data Mining

However, all this data is useless as it is. Unless the data is extracted, processed and formatted for use, it is impossible to sort through it and find answers to specific business queries. But, if you can structure all the data, you have a powerful database filled with relevant information that you can use to take business decisions. Let’s take a look at what these terms really mean.

What is Data Mining?

In its purest form, data mining is the process of evaluating several sets and sources of data and summarize it into ready-to-use information. Most of the times, data mining service providers use automated software and mining scripts to find the desired data. While there are times when employees need to mine the data manually, many of the data mining processes are automated. There are many benefits of using data mining software:

  • Automatic generation of reports from the mined data
  • Automatic sending of the reports and variations of reports to different kinds of users
  • Provide ad-hoc query and analysis facility to the users

What is Data Scraping?

Broadly, data scraping refers to the process of a computer program using data structures to extract relevant data from human readable output. However, most businesses are looking for web data scraping services. They look for outsourcing services providers to help them scrape data from websites and presenting it in a flexible and simple format that can be easily consumed. Data scrapers can get data from social media websites, business directories, Google search, etc. It is a labor-intensive process and is mostly done manually.

Who needs such services, and who provides them?

Businesses can benefit a lot from data miming and data scraping services. There is a wealth of information related to customers, competitors and market trends on the Internet. Skilled professionals with an ability to conduct thorough online research are best for data mining and data scraping.

Also, there are several automated solutions that simplify and speed up the tasks of data mining and scraping. So, the person working on these projects needs to have a basic understanding of how to use customized computer programs.

Why should I outsource data mining and data scraping?

Over the year, several offshore companies have evolved to offer data mining services to clients in the US, UK, and Europe. So, it is possible to get top-notch resources and quality data from an offshore company. Let’s take a look at why it makes sense to outsource data mining and data scraping services.

# Quality Work at Lower Rates

Although different kinds of software are playing a significant role in data extraction and formatting, it remains a labor-intensive job. The labor rates in offshore countries like India is much lower than that in developed nations. Also, there are several educated and skilful individuals in suchcountries, who can provide quality services. So, by offshoring your work, you can get the double advantage of quality services and low rates.

# Quick Turnaround Time

You can assign work daily to your offshore resources, and you can expect to get data on a regular basis. The time difference only adds to the speed of the turnaround: you can assign work at the end of your work day, and you can get the completed work by the next morning!

# High Accuracy

When you hire a reputed data entry services company for your data mining work, you can bet on the fact that the data will have minimum errors. You can set up a contract that doesn’t allow more than certain percentage of errors. So, the company will only place its best team to work on your project, increasing the accuracy of the data.

Apart from these major benefits, choosing an offshore company for data mining will also enable you to reduce or increase the size of your team flexibly. Just make sure that you choose a reputed firm with international certifications, and you will be able to get all the benefits of outsourcing without suffering from its pitfalls.

Author Bio: – Abhijit Acharya an author who is associated with Accurate Data Entry a leading outsourcing service provider worldwide. He is sharing his knowledge on offshore data entry services. You can connect to him on Twitter @AbhijitAAcharya

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