Ways to Maintain the Roof of Your Home

Once spring is over and winter on the horizon, it is necessary to ensure that you get your roof inspected to ensure there is no damage. Any negligence will only exacerbate the problem and could lead to expensive repair costs in the long term. The roof is one of the most susceptible areas to damage on a property as it is exposed to the elements all year long. This tends to take a heavy toll on its structural components especially if you are staying in the coastal areas of Florida.

And any neglect might necessitate going in for an expensive roof replacement, if there is severe damage. All of this could be prevented if you opt to go in for a periodic maintenance schedule. You could either choose to hire a specialist roofing company or adopt a D-I-Y schedule as follows….

Carry out an inspection from within: While carrying out an external inspection is recommended it is also equally important to inspect your roof from within. If there is daylight penetration in certain areas or patches of water seepage, it is indicative of needing to carry out roof repair. An internal inspection may help to reveal areas of damage that are not externally visible on inspection.

Roof gutters: One of the key areas in any home that needs regular maintenance are the roof gutters. These tend to get blocked and clogged because of debris, dirt and leaves over time so the gutters need to be cleaned regularly. If left unchecked it could lead to overflows which could damage the structural integrity of the property. Another way to check if they are working efficiently is to inspect them in wet weather as you can determine if the water flow is not obstructed in any way. You could use a foot ladder and ensure that is well affixed to a stable area when we climb up to inspect the gutters. Area that are susceptible to damage in wet weather include ridges, flashings and hips which could come loose or even get detached. Also check the gutters for any mortar droppings.

Growth of moss: In areas that are close to the sea like cities and towns in Florida the growth of moss on roofs can be a major cause for concern. It is best to let a professional roofing team deal with the issue. For those staying in the Clearwater area there are plenty of roof inspection services in Clearwater to choose from.

Engaging the services of a professional company like, ensures that the maintenance is done expertly and professionally in minimal time and at a cost-effective price.

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