Visit India for Low Cost Cervical Spine surgery

India has come a long way when it comes to spine surgery. In fact, India is known as the “Mecca” for spinal surgery because of the availability of good treatment facilities and highly skilled as well as experienced pool of spine surgeons. Many patients from different parts of the world travel to our country because of cheap and affordable treatment costs.

A patient is required a spine surgery when he or she is unable to perform their daily activities due to chronic pains. Not that every back pain requires surgery but it definitely calls for a doctor examination. People usually treat back pains as their normal other pains but the reality could be very different. Any kind of prolonged pain requires an immediate doctor’s attention. The diagnosis would determine if you require surgery or not. However, not every patient is candidate for surgery. Your age, overall health and level of disorder are some deciding factors. Spine surgeries can be of different types and amongst them cervical spine surgery is a common procedure conducted. India is well known for this surgery because cervical spine surgery cost in India is quite reasonable.

Eligible candidates
Like mentioned above, not every back-pain patient requires spine surgery. A proper diagnosis would determine the course of treatment. Usually patients suffering from chronic pains that are restricted daily activities like sitting, walking, climbing stairs, arms movement are the candidates eligible for this treatment. The pain would radiate from neck and then move down to shoulder and then to the lower back. Even after regular medications and physiotherapy, there is no relief in the pain.

Treatment approach
There are various options which patient can decide to go through. All kinds of cervical surgery are mainly done through two procedures – Decompression and Fusion. There are three kinds of approaches that can be followed – Anterior, Posterior or both combined. Anterior approach would mean a surgery that is performed from the front of the spine and posterior is the opposite, i.e., from the back of the spine.

Cervical spinal surgery usually takes 2 to 4 hours. During the surgery, the nerves that are causing pain by pressing against the spinal cord are surgically removed. The kind of approach can be determined as to where the tissue that is being compressed. The surgery is performed by putting the patient under anaesthesia. Then incisions of 2-inch are made on the left or the right side of the neck. A thin needle is located through a paved way to locate the damaged disc. After locating the disk, it is removed thus decompressing the nerve. Post that, preparations are done for bone graft fusion.

Recovery time and cost
It usually requires a week of hospital stay post-surgery. A patient undergone cervical surgery can resume life after 2 months. The cervical spine treatment cost in India is reasonable but that depends on your current medical condition, type of approach, hospital, and city you prefer. Yet with all these expenses, the overall cost is lower than the western countries.

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