Urns for Ocean Funerals: 3 Quick Ideas

Families often try to choose a funeral arrangement that the departed would have enjoyed – something that reflects their personality, interests, and values. This makes the ocean a very popular destination for funerals and ash scattering ceremonies.  What is your reason for choosing the ocean as the final resting place of your close friend or loved one? This quick guide will have urn ideas to suit any purpose.

The ocean symbolizes immense strength, the circle of life, the beauty of nature. Many sporting enthusiasts live their lives on the water and many artists make it the subject of their works. Environmentalists respect its irreplaceable impact and travelers might see it as a place of adventure or relaxation. Honor the individuality and lifestyle of your dearly departed with one of the urn ideas below:

Ocean Funerals 1. Salt Urns

These urns fit perfectly into the ocean environment. They sink very quickly and begin to dissolve. Both the salt and the cremated remains are safe for ocean life and will eventually end up dispersed throughout the ocean, in the many far reaches of the world.

There are two types of salt urns: urns carved by artists out of solid blocks of salt (usually beautiful Himalayan salt), and have a very sculptural and artistic quality to them. Others are a combination of salt and clay, usually formed in a press. Both types of urn are an elegant way to say goodbye to somebody who always wanted the ocean to be their final resting place.

2. Paper Urns

The majority of biodegradable urns are made of paper, a very versatile choice for ocean burial. Some are as simple as sturdy paper boxes, often printed with a beautiful natural pattern, and others are shaped like various sea creatures or other aquatic themes (sea turtles and seashells are common). If your local funeral supply retailer does not have the design you want, make sure to ask about custom options.

Do not confuse paper scattering tubes for water burial urns. Paper scattering tubes are often easily biodegradable, but some of them have dyes or other materials that might not be safe for ocean life – these types of scattering urns are eco-friendly for the landfill but not for the soil or the ocean.

3. Reef and Habitat Urns

This is a new and rather grand way to say goodbye to an ocean lover. Several conservation organizations from around the globe are embracing the idea of green ocean funerals that benefit coral reef development. The urn maker mixes the cremated remains into concrete, and the conservation company will haul it out to sea and drop it in a specified location to promote reef growth. The urn will support a plethora of aquatic life and serve as a unique place to visit for families that enjoy boating or diving.

4. Message Urns

A message urn will take your final remembrances to the sea along with the ashes. These urns are like any other biodegradable ocean-friendly urn, but they have a slot in the side where you can slip a piece of paper inside with your final message to the departed written in non-toxic ink.

This can serve as a comforting exercise for those in mourning: take the time to reflect on positive moments and pleasant memories before saying those final farewells. Make sure that the paper itself is also ocean friendly before beginning.

5. Keepsake Urns

Don’t worry about choosing a biodegradable or ocean-friendly design if you are planning to keep the urn at home or at a columbarium for display. In these cases, you will want something that will last for generations and serve as a powerful reminder of your dearly departed. Take some time to browse the selection of urns from Stardust Memorials to see a great variety of permanent display-quality urns in addition to biodegradable and earth friendly options.

Never stop searching for the perfect urn to complement that important ocean-themed funeral. When a loved one asks to see the ocean one last time, it feels good to make sure that everything is just the way that he or she would have wanted it. You will find what you need whether you want the nontraditional, the unique, the elegant, or the classic: there is something out there for everybody.

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