Scarves are not only useful to keep warm, but they are even a wonderful way to accessorize your outfit. A basic top or dress can be enhanced by wrapping a scarf around the neck. They are especially suited for women’s fashion. If you intend to buy a scarf, you should be aware of the basic types.

Scarves for WomenBasically, a scarf is a piece of cloth that can be wrapped around the waist, neck, shoulders or head. A scarf is worn mainly to keep warm, but today it is worn for reasons like fashion, religious and cultural needs. It is especially used to counter the cold in winter and keep the head clean in dusty summer months.

The history of the scarf goes back to 1350 BC in ancient Egypt when Queen Nefertiti used it as an accessory to a head dress. In ancient Rome, the Scarf was called a Sudarium- a cloth to soak up sweat on the body. Today the scarf has evolved into a fashionable, functional and culturally important piece of clothing

Scarves come in various sizes, shapes and fabrics. The fabric of the scarf determines its look, function and importance. Some of the types of fabrics for scarves are as follows:

Alpaca: It is created out of the Alpaca wool. Alpaca is a camel species domesticated in South America. The fleece of Alpaca is a silky and lustrous natural fiber akin to the wool of sheep, but it is also softer and warmer.

Cashmere: This luxurious, soft fabric is made of the wool from the Cashmere goat. It is not at all heavy and with time becomes softer to handle. Cashmere gives the most insulation with the least bulk.

Cotton: Perfect for summer, it is a cool and light fabric. It is considered a classic and it is prized because it is easy to handle, easy to maintain (launderable) and durable.

Jersey: This soft and stretchy cotton is lightweight and breathable. It can be enhanced by embellishments like sequins, studding, beading etc.

Linen: Scarves made of linen are regarded as the most airy and breathable. Linen fabric is made of the flax plant’s fibers.

Pashmina: It is fabric made from Pashmina wool derived from the wool from the Pashmina goat.

Satin: It is a glossy, soft fabric made of Polyester or silk. Satin is available in different weaves and finishes. They may be different in flexibility, thickness, shine and weight.

Silk: It is made of natural fiber derived from cocoon created by the silkworm on Mulberry leaves. It is very delicate, and in luster it can be matte or shiny. It is light and airy and is the strongest natural fiber ever known. It drapes in a wonderful manner.

Wool: This basic fabric is derived from fleeces from sheep as well as other animals. Being very warm and durable, it can be used for several years. It is very flexible and can be utilized in both hot and cold climates. Being warm, it can keep one protected from the cold. Having qualities of insulation, desert people use it to keep out the sun in midday.

Acrylic scarves: It is made of acrylic fibers and is a great substitute for wool. Scarves are soft and light weight.

Viscose: It is made of a combination of manmade and natural fibers. It is silky in feel and airy and breathable.

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