Types of Psychiatry jobs available in New Zealand

People in huge number have been specializing in the field of psychiatry. There are present several specialties within the domain of psychiatry, which can be studied by the trainee psychiatrist.

The experienced and knowledgeable consultant psychologists can work within numerous settings which includes general hospital outpatient, community mental health as well as special hospital u nits. Also, they can find work at any private healthcare segment or the NHS. The psychiatry job type is largely determined by the specialty area that they have studied during their training

Psychiatric specialties
Once, the Foundation training period is completed, the aspiring psychiatrist is to complete further specialty training course.

The major psychiatrist jobs in New Zealand and specialty areas are as follows:

• Psychiatry for Old age: It involves working along with people who are above the age of 65 and also might involve evaluation of dementia and providing effective treatment.
• Psychiatry for general adults: It can lead towards psychiatry in various settings and areas, working along with adults who are of working age, but probably have been suffering from various types of mental health issues.
• Psychotherapy: It involves treatment, favoring ‘discussing treatments’ over medication.
• Adolescent and child psychiatry: It involves evaluating and treatment of behavioral and emotional issues noticed among children as well as young people up to the age of school leaving.
• Forensic psychiatry: It tends to cover relationship between the law and psychiatry, involving evaluation and treatment of people having committed crimes when mentally sick

Learning disability psychiatry
Generally, the psychiatrists who are working in this particular domain are said to be involved in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the different types of mental health issues that arises in people facing learning disabilities.

Also are present numerous subspecialties present within the domain of psychiatry. The academic psychiatrists probably might be required to spend a good portion of their time in researching or teaching. Moreover, Liaison psychiatry is regarded to be a sub-specialty providing hospital attending patients with mental health evaluation as well as treatment. Women suffering from mental health issues at the time of pregnancy or during the period that follows child birth can be assisted by being provided with perinatal psychiatric services. Eating disorder and addiction psychiatrists are likely t o have jobs in those environments placing them in contact with the sufferers directly.

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