Trends of Goa’s Real Estate Property

There are huge shopping malls and residential projects that are coming into existence and Infinity Bay is a place where you can get to stay in the luxury villas and beach resorts. Come and experience the comfortable and luxurious stay.

It really is a favorable time for the investors who’re looking out for a beach side property in India to rejoice, since Goa’s is on a roll these days. The real estate market scenario has motivated several investors to invest lots of money in this state, as they are confident to yield better returns in the long term.

It was the people of Mumbai who unveiled the beautiful serene land of Goa during the nineties. Now, with the recent development prospective developers are coming from far off countries to invest.

Moreover, huge availability of viable locations that are hopeful to entice more real estate projects in the future is one of the main reasons why renowned builders and investors are looking for property in Goa.

Real Estate property GoaA major portion of demand for investment is coming from the North of Goa and the people of Delhi are the ones who are the most interested. The residents of Delhi consider Goa to be a real tourist destination as they come and visit this state for a month or two. Due to their regular visits, they wish to have a home of their own in this state so that they can escape from the rental rates. It is a win-win situation for the upper middle class to have an accommodation in the capital city, a farmhouse on the outskirts to go for a weekend gateway, and finally a luxurious beach house in the alluring land of Goa.

The current trend

The current ongoing trend is good news for the builders and developers to come up with premium residential houses in Goa. It is fashioned in a manner to meet the demanding requirements of the holiday enthusiasts. The prices float around between 25 lakhs for a 100 sq. meter apartment in Candolim to Rs. 1.5 crore for a plush bungalow or a Portuguese villa.

One can choose to buy a 650 plot and a 300 bungalow in Calangute and it will cost around Rs. 75 lakhs as compared to a huge bungalow with two cottages, a swimming pool, and a garden in Anjum which will be nothing less than Rs. 3.25 crore.

Some of the other viable locations are Ribandar, Old Goa, Taleigao, Santa Cruz, Dona Paula, an upmarket suburb of Panaji, to the coast of Palolem in the south and Morjem in North are all experiencing drastic development activities. All of them are experiencing a rise in property prices due to their close proximity to the capital state.

The non-resident Indians are seeking to come back to their roots and settle in a happy place like Goa. For them it is known to be one of the best places to retire and experience comfort and bliss. These people prefer buying a Quadruplex with an outstanding view of the beach, or a top class sea-facing bungalow.

One can see multiple numbers of buildings sprouting in every nook and corner of Goa which has placed Goa in the limelight. Investors from across the world want to invest in this beautiful city and yield better returns.

A complete makeover!

Goa is witnessing a complete makeover with several multi-national companies eyeing to buy huge commercial spaces to develop glitzy shopping malls. A number of retailers are also reveling on the great name and fame that they will acquire with the upcoming exclusive showrooms. This price rise and developmental activities will further add up the land value with average prices of Rs. 2,500-Rs.3, 000 per sq. ft. and the market analysts are expectant about the prices to shoot up further in a decade.

Rohan Sinha is a professional writer who is busy following the news and trends of real estate property in Goa. She writes articles and guest blogs to inform the readers about the current market situation.

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