Travelling In India Made Easy And Convenient By Low Cost Flights

Traveling by flights in India has definitely changed the way one travels in the country. The introduction of low cost flights in different routes has made flying within the reach of many. Plus, internet has also played a major role in further popularizing flights and bringing more business to the industry. One can now book flights from Bangalore to Delhi, check flight fares, and do more with the convenience of being in the home or office.

The scene of flights in India took a sudden turn towards growth when the low-cost flights were introduced. By simply cutting down some of the amenities and additionals, like excluding business class and removing the concept of offering meals on board, the cost of operation was greatly reduced further translating into bringing low cost flights within the reach of the customers.

The role that the web has played in popularizing air travels in India is significant. Now, one can search for flights on a particular route, check the air fares, book flights from Bangalore to Delhi, look for the offers and deals, etc. all with the convenience of the office or home.

Travelling by air in the country until recently was meant for only a small niche of travelers. It was so because the airfares were quite highly priced in India. In fact, there was a time when an economy class ticket on a full fledged flight from Delhi to Mumbai costed around Rs. 20,000, that too just for one way travel. Things have greatly improved these days, and today, it is a different story altogether as the evolving airline industry is making traveling in flights within the reach for most of the people.

It wasn’t not too long after the idea of low cost air carrier poped-up that a long list of flights in India came into being. SpiceJet, GoAir, and Indigo are to name a couple that today dominate the airline industry especially thanks to their low-cost flights. In the initial phase, the going was smooth and the long awaited cheap flights in India became a widely accepted reality with some airlines even giving out Rs. 0 airfares. Now travelers who normally traveled in trains had the option to pick flights. Things were going good and everyone was happy. However, the great success was to be trailed by uncertainty.

Airlines in India saw many high and lows since its humble beginning. With the price of fuel rapidly going up, the prices of flight tickets gradually went up in the past few years. Similar to the rest of the globe, air carriers in India are forced to cut back on certain flight routes and lowering down the frequency of flights to certain destinations.

In spite of the fact, there were some airlines in the country that took a leap of faith and even begun operating on international routes, flying on long routes like Delhi to San Francisco, Mumbai to New York, and Delhi to London. Some of these flights are even non-stop and fly directly between the source and destination without halting in an airport in between. Plus, the services offered on board are at par competing those offered in top class international carriers.

Travelers are hoping that cheap flights in the country will return again and low cost flights will again hit the market pretty soon. With different choice of airlines in India getting quickly getting popular, the expectations of the travelers is only get higher as the time passes by.

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