Transform your child’s life with Salvation Tree

The school is mandatory for everyone to attend. Every child should and must attend school before doing anything with their lives. Schooling starts at the tender age of three with play school and former basic education starts with the nursery. From speaking to writing and from drawing to expressing yourselves, all these things are taught at schools at primary levels as these are basic building blocks of life. Apart from textbooks and regular classroom studying, children learn and adapt from their surroundings and most importantly from what their teachers teach them. Kids are innocent. They learn and adapt only what they watch. It is, therefore, important that they grow and evolve in an environment that always encourages them to try new things and makes them creatively strong.
Salvation Tree School

Salvation Tree is an upcoming educational institution Schools in Greater Noida West. Based on the preferred CBSE board of teaching, it is a one of a kind International Global School with biblical methods of teachings. The motto of the school ‘In God We Trust’, depicts the core belief in God and his spiritual and sacred methods that are famous across the globe. Not only that, biblical methods are also preferred by parents who understands its true value and therefore, we will assimilate it into our teaching methods too. Our motive is not just to be another institution that provides knowledge and education but to transform the lives of every kid that takes admission in our school.
Schools in Greater Noida West

Not just biblical teachings, Salvation Tree boasts of facilities like modern smart classrooms, advanced teaching methods, dedicated faculty, outdoor activities and workshops that will make your kid active. Moreover, these facilities will help him/her discover their inner passion. We will not just teach and guide them but our teaching methods are solely devoted towards one purpose – to transform the lives of your kids passionately.

At Salvation Tree, our faculty knows and understands that each child is disparate with unique requirements. Some may have an interest in sports, other may excel in academics but no two children can be same. Some may require more attention and guidance than the rest. Our teaching staff is experienced when it comes to the handling of the kids. The teaching norms followed by them will allow the kids to discover what they want and then work together to achieve their goals. With great facilities, we will transform their lives and provide them with the confidence to chase their dreams.

Schooling is not just school, books and graduation, it is about what you decide to do with all the facilities provided to you. At salvation tree, our motive is not only to provide education, we believe in transforming each kids life, passionately, so that they graduate with flying colours, big hopeful dreams and the ability to face the world with confidence soaring high.
Transform your child’s life with Salvation Tree

Give your kids the best gift of their lives, enroll them into Salvation Tree and let us transform their lives, passionately.

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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead.

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