Top Reasons Why You Should Pursue Engineering

In our country, every second person is an engineer. Ever wondered why most parents want their children to pursue engineering? Why do they always dream for their child to study in IIT? What is so reward and satisfying about this profession? Come, let’s find out.

Engineers benefit the society – Who doesn’t want to help the society in some or the other way? One of the most rewarding things about being an engineer is that the projects you work help people all over the world. From green revolutions to medical advancements, there are more than many ways in which engineers help the society and its people.

Every day is new –
Engineers are not like other professional who have a 9 to 5 desktop job. They work in various kinds of environments, from rural areas, cities, mountains, forests and much more. They work at any hour of the day, depending upon the work. They travel far and wide and that is what makes their work so much interesting. They meet new people and grow their contacts. This also gives them much more diverse work opportunities.

They are entitled to a competitive salary – This is another plus for any engineer. They enjoy one of the highest paid salaries. And they deserve it considering the amount of skill and dedication this field requires. Their commitments are reflected in their pay packages. And the pay only keeps increasing each year.

Several growth opportunities – This is one of the main attractions of this field. Engineers receive months of training and mentoring to ensure that they turn out to be professionals. They are trained in many ways to start climbing the ladder of growth soon after joining the industry. And the IT companies invest their effort in new graduates since they want them to be successful, especially for their own company.

There are a variety of options – The engineering industry has many sectors that give the students many options when choosing their choice of stream. The options include software, mechanical, electrical, chemical, biomedical and much more. With so many options, one is sure to find a field in his interest.

A very professional work environment – It is compulsory for engineers to stay up to date with the latest training, education, regulations, memberships and the industry knowledge. This is to ensure that the employee works to the highest legal and professional standards. This diligence is important to keep everyone safe.

You earn reputation – Along with earning a handsome pay, you also earn much respect from the society. Engineers are well educated people, who are respected and loved by all.

You have an extraordinary college life – Engineering students work hard but party harder. In their 4 years of college life, they make some amazing bonds, which last a lifetime. This is especially true if you live in a hostel.

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