Top 6 Interesting Facts of Emerald!

6 Interesting Facts of Emerald
Emerald enjoys a particular place of desire and honour in the lives of many people. Some are fascinated by the hue, some by the gemstone, some by the eyes that are blessed with this colour and some by the gorgeous clothes and other fabrics available in this shade. People, who believe in the power of gems in jewellery to improve one’s life, also hold emeralds in high regard because of it multi-functionality.

If you have decided to buy emerald gemstone online, then here are some interesting facts you should know about it before you make that purchase.
1. Emeralds are known to be symbols of many positive forces or feelings in life, such as love, the desire to enjoy life at its fullest and prosperity.

2. Apart from being used to improve one’s social and economic conditions, emeralds are also precious because of their ability to increase one’s spiritual awareness. Some people find it difficult to meditate without a few props such as the right space, clothes or jewels, and they prefer emeralds because these stones are very helpful in regulating one’s breathing – an essential part to making meditation a success.

3. An interesting and exotic reason why emeralds are sought after by people in the trade of reading palms or learning about one’s past is because they are considered great channels of clairvoyance or clear understanding of what may have happened in someone’s past, and knowing what the future holds for him or her.

4. Need protection from various evil forces and want to look stylish at the same time? Then buying an original, high quality emerald should do the trick for you because this gemstone is also popular for its protection abilities. It has been considered vital by magicians to protect themselves, is used by people who travel through lonely places, and is also used extensively in the process of exorcism.

5. The colour of the stone – a mesmerizing shade of green – also acts as a magnet to many people. Green is usually considered a positive colour, as it denotes prosperity, life, friendliness, liveliness and in confirming when plans or processed can be implemented – the go-ahead colour. Many strong and dominating forces also use green, but in a good aggressive way, to indicate that they are healthy and gaining more power, but without running over their competition or by any undue means. You will observe that many people use emeralds in their official insignia and in official artefacts too.

6. The use of emerald in jewellery is known to have positive effects on people physically too. People suffering from mental illnesses, diseases of vital organs such as heart and kidneys, infectious diseases and many other physical ailments can benefit from the hidden power of emeralds.

A tip to select the right kind of emerald would be to make sure there are some inclusions in the stone. Usually, these indicate flaws in other gemstones but with emeralds, it’s the other around.

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