Tips to plan a party in short span of time

Party can be fun but planning a party that too just a couple of hours beforehand can be too cumbersome. So, in case, your husband has invited your friends and you have bare minimum hours in your hand, here are some tips to organize a dashing party

Food- First things first, food becomes a quintessential part of the party. Now churning lip smacking food will take hours, and with such a short notice, this becomes one of the problems but thanks to the list of restaurants that offer online food delivery in Chandigarh, this problem can be sort out in a few clicks. Map out the cuisine or the dishes that could be the theme of the party and order drinks, starters and main course accordingly. With online facility, ordering food takes just few seconds and at the same time, the hassles of cooking and churning food are also taken care of. In fact, one can select an array of cuisines and get it delivered at home in a couple of hours.

Ambience- Creating an ambience for party, all you need is some space and a good dj mix tape. Spread out the couch and put in some sheets to create that extra space. With the help of YouTube, one can download some happening latest songs and mix them to make a proper background score.

Organize for games- Game organising in a short duration can be done in a smart way. Lookout for adult games that requires less resource. Options like dumb charade, passing the parcel or paper dance can be organised, which doesn’t require any special resource and at the same time can be enjoyed with all fun and frolic.

Disposable cutlery – Now since you were not prepared for a party in the first place, there are chances that you do not have enough plates and cutlery to cater to the party population. The best way is to get use and throw plate, spoons and glasses, which are disposable and hence the hassles of washing and cleaning them can be avoided. Designer printed paper plates and glasses are available in the market these days, which can be used suiting the ambience.

Party is synonymous to fun. So enjoy every bit of it and use these simple tips and make your party a memorable one for yourself as well as for your friends.

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