Tips to become an efficient photographer!

Do you wish you were better at photography? All you need is a little more experience and idea about few things. There are some certain tricks to capture a beautiful picture. If you are in for learning, here are some ways you can take marvellous snaps.

1. Look at the subject – If your subject is giving a candid pose looking elsewhere, you need to make sure you are looking at them. If the person is facing towards you, make sure there is direct contact as this will highlight their mesmerizing eyes and also capture their expressions the best. This picture becomes personal and captivating at the same time.

2. Don’t use distracting backdrops – Plain backgrounds can be boring but a moving background can be quite distracting too. If there is a scene with balloons flying in the back, kids running and you are trying to capture your subject, this picture will look untidy but if there is sunlight, trees and the clouds, you will notice the instant difference between both the pictures. For more on how to use backdrops, you must join photography classes in Bangalore.

3. Use flash outside – The bright sun can create a lot of shadows which can deepen facial features and also make your subject look unattractive (whether a person or object), in such a case, you either click the subject completely in dim lights else use full-flash or fill flash. If the subject is around 5 feet tall, use fill flash and if taller, use full. You will notice major changes in the pictures.

4. Move it to the side – When capturing a serene view and you have a fort or some building you want to capture, take it to a side. This will capture the clouds, mountain ranges and much more on the side. It will give a postcard effect. Make sure you place the monument/building or fort to the left or right side and capture it with a view.

5. Focus lock – If the person is not in the centre of the shot, make sure you lock the focus so that the picture looks sharp. This will also help in capturing what you actually want to and not the backdrop. Auto-focus can take a long time to focus on the object which is why go for manual focus setting. This will really help in giving you clear, crisp and sharp pictures at all times.

6. Work with the lighting– Outdoor lighting is great for shooting but you need to work with it a little. If you have the sun behind your subject’s head, the picture will come dark, if that is what you want to click then go ahead but facing the sun or having the sun of one side will improve the picture quality. Don’t let the sun be right on top or behind the subject unless you plan on it. Mostly, you should tell the subject to face the sun or look sideways.

These 6 tips are all you need to become a better photographer. Try them today and see the change in your pictures!

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