Tips for safe Renting While Doing an Overseas Travel

While making international trips, alone or with the spouse, these days’ people prefer renting an apartment. The rental property can be a condominium, studio apartment or a private room and considered far better than staying in an expensive hotel.

To locate a suitable short stay rental, some serious time has to be spent to finalize the short term rental accommodation before the travel is scheduled. There are many easy to find sources of rental accommodation in big cities. Some of them are discussed below.

Vacation Rental Sites: These websites are best guides as a local or regional directory to find vacation rentals in an area. Taking a percentage off of the rental cost from the landlord, these sites help in the management and marketing of the short let property. For any disputes these sites also come to assist the guests and settle it amicably.

These sites carry calendars showing rentals reserved and those available. These sites take credit card payments, either on their own, or via Paypal or Google Checkout. They may be slightly expensive. But the service is pleasant.

Owner websites: Sites run by an individual, family, or small business having multiple properties operates directly to travels or through the website. If the business is run well, they will allow a deposit via credit card and send a confirmation of with frequent communication via email or phone.

These sites have calendars of availability, but may not be up to date. Often their websites carry clear details and instructions on how to reserve an apartment, release forms, and rental agreements.

Sole Proprietor: An individual who owns and self manages his/her apartment or apartments in a building or nearby buildings also solicit guests. They may be smart in packaging their property to excite the guest but lack in technological savvy-ness. Their websites may be basic or not updated for many years. These “sole-proprietors” are most comfortable with cash payments and have no knowledge of the PayPal or Credit cards.

Travel Planner: A travel planner is someone you pay to plan your itinerary and book your rooms and plan your day to day trip. Make sure you have a written agreement with this individual before reservations are made and paid for.

In an online exercise of finding a suitable vacation rental overseas or even domestic rentals, please take these steps to be on the safer side.

  • Do your research
  • Search multiple sites
  • Get many price quotes
  • Search in multiple neighbourhoods
  • Arrange for a lookout through friends or relatives
  • Reviews: Read online reviews.
  • Facilities: Look for details like amenities in the room, building, and vicinity through the pictures.
  • Reservation & deposit. Owners or property manager’s request a reservation/security deposit of 10 – 50 percent of the total rental rate when the reservation is made.
  • Booking Details: Gather specific info relating to the security deposit, reservation, property maintenance, and additional fees such as damages or telephone charges outlined in a written agreement.
  • Payment Methods: Credit Cards and PayPal are preferred payment methods. But payment methods vary from owner to owner so have clarity beforehand.
  • Mode of Money Transfer: Do not send money via Western Union, cashier’s check or wire services for property owners who demand immediate or full payment.
  • Rental Document: Sign a rental document and owner agreement. It helps as a contract and reservation placeholder.
  • Balance Payment: Understand how the owner wants to be paid the remainder. If they want cash make sure you have enough to exchange into the local currency or have access to an ATM nearby to pay the owners.

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