Tips for Goal Oriented Fundraising

Michelangelo was a great Italian painter, sculptor, poet and architect from late 15th and early 16th century. He once said, and I quote, “The greater danger for most of us lies not is setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark”. Without any doubt these are some great words by one of the greatest person of their time. Yes, I agree to this quote 100%, it is all about aiming for something and judging your potential. One has aims in every sectors of life, whether it is studies, job, self-grooming or for contribution to the society.

For a goal oriented or in other words aim achieving strategy, it is important to know if your campaign is fully focused to get the desired results. Fundraising for charity is a sector which requires utmost care and strategies to achieve the targets and goals you have set forth. Usually Charity fundraising organization feel it unnecessary to set themselves targets and goals, and that is where they start acting like an unprofessional. You may disagree if fundraising is a profession or not, but if you don’t take it as a profession and set targets like you do while in any profession and walk of life, you are bound to short fall of your potential. Giving 100% is what is required for a field of charity fundraising.

Here is how and why one should set fundraising targets:

Setting up a goal is what helps to give a path to follow for you and your team as a whole with a target. It also helps in keeping an eye on the team’s efficiency and progress along the way. Update regularly about progress so everyone in your team knows where they are standing from the goal to be achieved. You may use techniques like thermometer of fundraising in the corner of your office having a clear view to everybody for that purpose. This not only bucks you and your team up but also gives a good impression to the potential donors visiting your office. The goal should be clear in terms of increasing the number of donors or a fundraising target.

Realistic goals are imperative for keeping the moral of the team up and more focused. If you once lose this realistic approach by setting up an unrealistic target, the team would take the next targets less seriously. So keep it real and at the same time enough to keep them on their toes.

Achieving a set target requires few things to focus on, like:

  • How to achieve the goal.
  • What to do to achieve the goal (Planning).
  • What to ask and get from donors.
  • Best way of communicating with donors to get the desired result.
  • If required, mobilize your current donors to tag along with you for the events that you might be arranging for achieving the set target. Make a list of volunteers ready to work with you for the cause.
  • Stick to the plan of action on the whole, but when it is required do make changes to it while keep everyone on board for discussions and planning.

Author Bio: ScharyarAly is a professional informative writer. He writes about expo and field of charity fundraising events and themed parties for such events.

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