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Life nowadays is becoming very stressful and hectic. People are busy in their professional and personal life due to which they have no time for having fun and laughing freely. Laughing is the best exercise that makes our face beautiful and radiant. This is also used as treatment therapy by doctors as people are psychologically suffering with a lot of diseases. Mental work is increased in today’s lifestyle, which leaves the doctors with no other choice. People have forgotten the mantra of healthy living. Money has become all powerful. In such a situation, there are many options available for having a big laugh on entertainment media such as television, radio, internet, etc. Shows such as comedy nights with Kapil on Colors, Laughter Challenges, etc are popular comedy shows that fill the audience with noise of laughter. But these are not the only shows. Holidays are round the corner so there are many more live comedy shows in Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata, etc.

Let us learn about some of the comedy shows:

10 January 2015, Saturday; Time; 7:00pm; Location Indiranagar, Bangalore

Standup comedy session with Ruby Chakravarty

This is a popular comedy show in Bangalore occurring at different venues. Ruby Chakravarty is one of the famous comedians that will leave you laughing to the fullest. Duration of this event is 2 hours. To make someone laugh is the toughest task than to make someone smile. It takes a lot of courage to bring smile on others face. The above mentioned artist is successful in her attempts of making a lot of people laugh.

28 December 2014 Time6:00pm; Location; Kanteerava Offset, Bangalore

Run marathon
This is the event on the last Sunday of the year. It is also an event for fun loving persons. This event bids farewell to the 2014 and paves the way for the upcoming New Year. Running is the best physical exercise, which makes fit and active and brings a big smile on our face. It is suitable for people of all age groups i.e. kids, adults and senior citizens. A registration fee is 650 rupees and registration can be done on website Comedy shows are not to be identified with their titles as there are a lot of shows, which have add-on humor such as the “run marathon” event. Although it is about running, but when you join it as a group, it will be not less than a comedy show.

Comedy is now one of the famous genres that can be performed on stage or read in the form of literature. It is an appealing medium for all as people are becoming overburdened with work, which leaves them with no time for their own. Comedy lightens the mood of the people and makes them forget their worries and tensions. They experience a new world, which has been lost in today’s modern world of industrialization and globalization. We all should cherish the magic of laughter with great enthusiasm.

Hence, we can conclude that laughing is the best medicine for us. Comedy shows are one of the popular sources of that medicine. So, check out these shows nearby your city and enjoy your holiday time.

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