Through the halls of Ramnagar Fort near Varanasi

The city of Varanasi itself is a storehouse of many wonders and many places to see. In fact, the ghats of Varanasi are one of its prized possessions. However, if you move a few kilometres away from the city, then you will come across another one of the city’s pride- the Ramnagar Fort.

Through the halls of Ramnagar Fort near Varanasi

This fort is located at a distance of only 14kms and hence can be reached quite easily from the city. You can get both cars and autos that go daily to the Ramnagar Fort. If you are certain that you want to visit this fort, then, while making your varanasi hotel booking, make sure that you ask the hotel staff whether they can arrange for a conveyance to the Ramnagar Fort.

So, why is the Ramnagar Fort famous?

The Ramnagar Fort is quite a popular tourist destination. People, who read up a little about the place before travelling, always come across the name and significance of this fort and hence venture out to visit this place once they are in Varanasi. It is located bang opposite of the Tulsi Ghat and it adorns the eastern banks of this holy river. All one has to do is cross a bridge to reach this fort.

It was Kashi Naresh Raja Balwant Singh, who commissioned the construction of this fort in the year 1750. This fort is the official home of the kings of Kashir or Varanasi. This home is passed down from generation to generation on a basis of inheritance and hence it stays within the blood line. The structure itself is massive and beautiful. You can actually identify the Mughal influence on Indian architecture when you look at the Ramnagar Fort. Every hall and corridor of this place is adorned by intricate carvings and reminds one of the Mughal opulence in architecture.

The most prominent places of interest in this fort are the Durbar Hall and the shrine of Ved Vyasa. The Durbar hall gives one the idea what all the courtrooms were like during the bygone days. In fact there is a museum, which displays various clothes items of the royalty, their things of daily use and most importantly a horde of arms and ammunitions. The swords and pistols that these kings had in store are something really worth taking a look at! There is an extremely large hall where all these items are displayed. You can climb up the stairs and visit the various storeys of the fort too.

The architecture of this fort is also a rather interesting one. Since it is located right by the river, it has been built on a level that is elevated to the rest of the surrounding areas. This prevented the fort from getting flooded during the monsoons.

When you move ahead with your varanasi resort booking, make sure that you plan your trip and book your rooms sometime during the months of October and November since that is when Ramlila is held and the fort becomes a sight to behold!

So make sure that you include Ramnagar as a part of your Varanasi sightseeing plan.

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