This Famous City Is Not Just About Temples

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state of the country. Often quoted as the Heartland of India, it attracts thousands of visitors to its land every year. But today we won’t be taking you to the most bragged about destinations of this state. Rather, we will visit a quaint and serene district of Gorakhpur which will offer you an unmatched travel delight to various religious entities. Come let’s begin our journey.

Uttar Pradesh is widely popular among other countries for two major reasons. Firstly, because of the presence of Taj Mahal, an architectural masterpiece that is also one of the 7 wonders of the world. And secondly, because the state is globally acknowledged for its holy cities Kashi, Benaras, Varanasi, Sarnath and Mathura-Vrindavan; which have flourished as a popular tourist destination in recent years. But if you wish to skip the humdrum and are looking for an equally magnificent and astonishing location with numerous monasteries and shrines, you must head to Gorakhpur, a little less recognized but an equally beautiful city of Uttar Pradesh.

The best way to reach Gorakhpur from the capital city Lucknow would be either boarding a direct flight to the Gorakhpur Civil Airport or taking the Lucknow to Gorakhpur train from the junction. Other cities which are connected to Gorakhpur via railheads are Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai and Jaipur. Regular buses ply daily from the major cities of Allahabad, Lucknow, Kushinagar and Varanasi.

Once you are in the city, begin your itinerary with the Imambara from the 18th century. This is a Dargah of a renowned Sufi saint Roshan Ali Shah and dates way back to the year of 1974. The most unique aspect of this dargah is that it still preserves the silver and gold Tajia along with the smoke fire or ‘dhunj’ from those years. Travellers from all round the globe visit this place to achieve internal peace and prosperity.

Later in the day, you can explore the local attractions like the Gorakhnath Temple, Geeta Vatika, Arogya Mandir and the Kushmi Fort. If you have some time in hand, you can drive a few kilometres away to the Gita Press. It might not be as attractive as you’d imagined but the trip will be worth the effort since they are one of the largest publishers of religious Hindu texts in the whole world.

You might not know that Gorakhpur a not only a gateway to Nepal but it also is a renowned stop-over for people heading towards the birthplace of Lord Buddha – Lumbini and Kapilvastu, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another Buddhist centre in Kushinagar is located at approximately 55 kilometres of distance from Gorakhpur. All of these locations are known for various Buddhist monasteries located here.

If you are still not convinced visit the place to step onto India’s longest rail platform with a length of 4,483 ft.

So, don’t wait anymore. Pack your bags for an unusual trip to enrich your experience and enhance your horizons!

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