Things to Consider and Avoid as A Professional Cyclist

For a passionate cyclist, it is your world, you cannot live a day without hitting your legs on the pedal. You enjoy the roller coasters that come along your way. Your feel amazed with the picturesque beauty that promises you to travel more and more. But as a professional, you need to fathom certain rules which you have to follow religiously and by heart. Again, you need to know that there are certain things, which you should discard as a cyclist.

Now let’s see what you should remember and let go during your course:

Dos that you should stick to while cycling:

Helmet: For your cycle race events do not forget to wear the helmet or cycling cap as it is a must because it gives your head a protection from any collision or uncertain event.

Athletic sunglass: As a professional cyclist, you should rely on special types of sunglasses, which would make your riding comfortable and will not strain your eyes. Make sure that the glass gives you the best of both worlds. It should look chilling at the same time would be functional as well.

Buy a saddlebag: As a professional, you need to carry some essentials and belongings while on the go. Make sure that you should buy a congenial saddlebag that snugly fits in the cycle somewhere underneath the seat without killing much of your space.

Socks: While athletic socks are quite different, they are always above the ankle. It helps them to pedal comfortably. Whenever you opt to buy a sock for yourself make sure that you should get the one that should rest near about one to five inches above the ankle. Now you should consider the colour of the socks. Majorly athletes do not like to put on any bright coloured socks, mostly they are done up in white or black.

Add required nutrition and water: You need to be very choosy about the nutrition, add right portions of food, do not go overboard, and do not indulge lots of high-calorie foods. Next, you need to be very cautious about the water intake; while starting, make sure to have at least 160oz water with a bit of salt to stay well hydrated.

Things to avoid:

Do not wear helmet visors: Prior enrolling your name in the upcoming cycle events, do not buy the helmet visors. Actually, it is needed for mountain bikers, but it is functionless in case if you are riding on the plain road.

Do not install mirrors: You have a long-term acquaintance with mirrors, but while you are cycling, make it a point not to set up the mirrors as somehow, it distracts your motivation. And, you develop a tendency of capturing the rear happenings. This might put you in a trouble.

These are some of the dos and don’ts, which you should point very diligently for the coming events.

Steering in the wrong direction: This is a crucial mistake often committed by the beginners. They are prone to steering the wheel in the wrong direction. Remember that you should always steer both the front and rear wheel in the same direction.

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