The Rising Trend Of Online Retail In India

Online shopping has become the new buzzword for today’s generation. When you make a purchase for a product or for a service over the internet, instead of going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, it is called online shopping. Statistics have shown that, globally an increasing number of people are buying over the Internet merely because of its convenient. Imagine you are in the midst of your favorite TV show and your wife nudges you to take her out for shopping. You do not want to leave your comfortable sofa with remote in hand. Then you pick your tablet/phone/laptop and shopping is done within a few clicks. How convenient is that?

You can purchase almost anything and everything online. From Groceries to greeting cards to cell phones everything can be purchased online. To avoid the rush of standing in long queues, many people are purchasing rail and air tickets over the Internet. Simply log on to the website and buy it in a few clicks. Few websites charge you premium for online purchase made, but people do not mind paying it as the convenience factor is higher. Online shopping gives you not only tangible products but also services such as job search, match making, broking etc. People prefer online purchase since it is convenient and faster to use. Some websites also give good deals and discounts so shopping becomes cheaper as well. Also, when you need to send a gift to your loved ones who is located in a different city or country or it can be same city, placing an order online and then it being delivered to the correct address makes your life so easy.

According to BCG report, in India online shopping by urban consumers will double over the next two years to 14 % by 2016 from 6 % in 2013. It also said that currently, almost 25% of travel and tourism related sales are digitally driven in the country. Digital influence is rapidly increasing not only in metros but also in small urban towns and rural pockets. India is one of the largest mobile markets in the world and as the number of mobile users will increase, the digital technology will expand. Internet penetration has also deepened in India and it has been made available in small pockets too. The report highlights that more than 34% of total internet users in India belong to small towns and 25 % are from rural areas. The study also said that the urban Internet user base would rise to 47 % by 2016 from 28 % in 2013.

India’s e-commerce market grew at 88% in 2013 and is constantly rising. Not only electronics gadgets, jewelry, apparel, home and kitchen appliances are being sold online but other lifestyle accessories like books, watches, baby products, beauty products, perfumes has made significant upward movement. India has more than 100 million internet users which give a big opportunity to ecommerce retailers to tap this market. Seeing the growing trend of internet shopping, even the traditional retailers are switching to web based models. They are upgrading their sites and making it convenient for customers to place orders online.

Deals, offers and discounts are not the only driving force that attracts people to online shopping. Other factors like the convenience of making purchase, fast and good delivery service, access to wider assortment, comparison between the choices, payment options (including cash on delivery) is also largely influencing shopping decisions. They also give money back guarantee with no questions asked. Indian consumers are looking for value shopping that saves their money as well as time and give them a good shopping experience.

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