The Rising Popularity of Electronic Cigarettes

If you were inclined to glance at a tabloid newspaper in the last few days it would be hard to miss a story about Kate Moss spending £2000 on a delivery of electronic cigarettes to her holiday destination in Spain. The supermodel reportedly covered all of her driver’s expenses in order to be reunited with her favorite brand of e-cigs. Kate Moss’s extravagant expenditure may seem outlandish but it serves as just another signifier that more and more people are becoming loyal to brands of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been available in Europe since 2006, but since then they have transformed from a niche product into a commonly used item seen prevalently on streets and, of course, inside buildings.

The Western world’s drive to become more health conscious during the last decade has resulted in intensified condemnation of tobacco companies and widespread bans of smoking indoors, and, in some cases, in public outdoor spaces such as parks and beaches. These recent developments have massively benefited the electronic cigarette market as smokers seek out new ways to continue their habit without the health risks and restrictions imposed by society. The versatility of electronic cigarettes is most definitely one of their major selling points. Heavily addicted smokers can satisfy their cravings on the train to work, in the office, at the pub after work and at home without having to worry about stinking up their surroundings and causing discomfort to others.

Electronic cigarettes have provided many people with an alternative to the traditional paper cigarette. Electronic cigarettes resemble their paper cousins in outward appearance but their plastic shell usually contains a liquid solution which heats up when the user inhales, turning into a vapour resembling tobacco smoke.

Companies such as excig are leading the way in the e-cig market, providing a variety of affordable products such as disposable e-cigarettes, as well as long-lasting variants that can be used indefinitely through the use of changeable batteries and cartridges. The price of electronic cigarette sets can vary from £5 to £100 depending on the quality and lastingness. However, one thing that is certain is that in the long run e-cigs are undeniably less expensive than the increasingly more expensive paper cigarettes.

Big tobacco companies must be understandably shaking in their boots. Looking objectively at both markets it would seem that electronic is the logical way to go for any smoker. As the Kindle has shown us, paper is simply archaic and outdated. Traditional smoking has a longstanding history of being a very visually ‘cool’ thing to do. From Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep to Don Draper in Mad Men, film in particular has had a slew of smoking leading men who can command authority with a wave of their cigarette. However, we live in the 21st century now and surely we do not need the help of a rolled up bit of tobacco to build up our feeling of self-worth. Smoking feels undeniably good and is a great way to socialise (Think of all the great conversations you have had while taking a smoke break with a group of mates). E-cigs allow us to continue this lifestyle while eliminating nearly all of the negatives. It really is no wonder that E-cigarettes are taking over.

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