The perfect beauty hamper

Every girl would love to get a beauty hamper, and if it is chemical free, then she is going to love it even more. There are many easy ways to make basic beauty products at home, which are suitable to every skin type and are not damaging at all.

Homemade products are always great from the expensive products you get in the stores. Often the low costs once can be very damaging and also the high-cost ones. If you want to know how to make these few beauty products at home for a reasonable beauty hamper then keep reading…

1. Foundation: – Take cocoa powder, cinnamon, shea butter and some mineral oil to make foundation. If you cannot arrange for all these things, just buy mineral organic foundation powder and mix it with a small amount of shea butter and any mineral oil to make liquid foundation that is chemical free.
2. Lip balm: – You can make lip balm by melting petroleum jelly in a small container. Add beeswax to this melted mix and put in some scented oil like lavender oil. Put in some honey and chocolate if you want fragrance and little colour. You can also add strawberry extract for additional reddish tone to the lip balm. Put this in a small bottle once you blend everything together and let it set for some time.

3. Moisturizing lotion: – You can make homemade lotion in simple ways. All you need is shea butter, Jojoba oil, fresh aloe vera extract, oil like lavender or argan oil or olive oil, a small jar. Make sure you do use jojoba oil without fail in the recipe. The steps to make this product are:

a. Put shea butter and jojoba oil in a jar and place it on a saucepan on medium flame. Make sure this jar is a container, which works for cooking.

b. Add some water to the saucepan so they blend in well.

c. Now, add aloe vera juice from the extract to this blended mix.

d. Use a food processor to mix the ingredients properly.

e. Put in the essential oil you are planning to use. Do not mix too many oils; just use any oil, which works well for you. If you put too many essential oils, the cream will be too thin and oil up a lot.

d. Once everything blends in well, place this mix in a glass jar. You can use this cream for 3 months if you store it in a glass jar otherwise it could get spoilt in a plastic bottle.
4. Make up remover: – This simple homemade recipe is a saviour! Take sweet almond oil and whole milk to make this recipe. Take the milk in a medium sized container and add few drops of sweet almond oil. Now mix this well and store it in a glass jar.

You can pack everything in glass bottles and send to your friends and family. If these seem tedious, buy natural made cosmetic hampers UK for yourself as well for a gift to someone.

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