The Online MBA—Gradually Scoring Over the Traditional MBA

Of late, the concept of Online MBA has increased considerably. Employers are recognizing and accepting candidates with an online MBA degree. The following post takes a quick look at the online MBA Program

While the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) continues to take away all the laurels, when it comes to earning a postgraduate degree in management studies; the online MBA is tries every bit to make itself more acceptable across the globe. In an era of digital media online MBA programs are struggling to achieve the same level of respect as much as the traditional MBA programs. Gradually, the perception surrounding online courses has started undergoing several changes. The rate at which online MBA programs are gaining importance, it is believed that they will fast catch up with the traditional MBA programme. For some, the online MBA program is expected to outweigh most of the on-campus MBA programs.

What are the characteristics of an Online MBA?

As the name suggests, an online MBA program is a management degreethat is offered through the help on the Internet. A comparatively new phenomenon this kind of approach is helpful especially for those who are motivated enough who might have some physical impediments or inabilities to pursue a full-time traditional MBA program in a proper classroom setting. Course materials for an online MBA program are normally referred to as the distance learning; study materials are sent to the respective candidates via e-mail or download links. However, whenever the need arises, students can always interact with respective subject experts through the Internet. These days they can make use of technologies such as Windows Live Messenger or Skype. If students want to interact with other fellow students, they can do so in the same way.

Benefits of Online MBA

Some of the benefits of an Online MBA Program are explained below:

Value to Employers

According to a report published by a leading business daily, employers are loosening themselves of the age old prejudices surrounding the online MBA programs. Gradually, more employers are opening up with the idea of accepting candidates with an online MBS degree. On the other hand, for most professionals earning an MBA is more of a means to an end. It is more like a coveted position or looking at the long-term benefits, promotion and of course online channels that can help them obtain a diploma or a degree much easily as compared to other existing forms.

Flexibility of Time

Flexibility is probably the biggest benefit of an online MBA Program. For those who are already in the world of business, might find it a little difficult to juggle a full-time MBA program. For them an online MBA program is of great help. Most of the online programs are designed so that candidates can make the best use of the educational programmes. They can pursue their studies according to their own conveniences and choose exam dates on their own. This kind of flexibility is possible only with an online MBA program. Though online MBAs have their own set of fee structure, nonetheless the amount of tuition fees charged, still costs much less than that of a full-time MBA program.

A Unique Model of Learning

Recent studies reveal that in certain cases, online MBA programs tend to outperform traditional classroom coaching. It is believed that online learners are much better equipped when it comes to absorbing information and because they take their own time to study about any particular topic.

Acquiring an Audience

Though this might be a little surprising, but the immense networking activities that one indulges into while pursuing an online MBA is of great help. A huge network of colleagues—faculty, alumni and fellow classmates; such an extensive network helps in developing a strong group. Intellectual conversations help gaining a lot in the process.

Major Consideration

Though in vogue and well received by students and employers, accreditation by a top 10 universities in India or college is very essential. Online MBA programs are better obtained from a recognised college as some employers opined that students who opt for an online MBA tend to be less career driven.

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