The beautiful gardens and pristine lakes of Srinagar

Srinagar is one of nature’s best gift to India. Being close to the Himalayas, the city has breathtaking landscapes and with the abundance of lakes and gardens, it appears as if you have ventured into a foreign destination.

Srinagar is without a doubt, one of the most pristine destinations in India. Had it not been a place near where all the border disturbances happen, the city would be a flourishing tourist, probably one of the top in India. But despite all that, people still visit the city Srinagar to Delhi flights are available easily from the city’s airport. Here are more reasons to make you fall in love with this amazing city.


Dal Lake – Dal Lake is by far one of the most pristine lake in the whole country. In addition to its already existing glory, the government is investing a good deal of money to renovate the lake and add more touches to it. Dal Lake is not a mass of water just flowing still, but rather, a complex labyrinth of conduits and streams making the sight of the lake even more mind blowing. The best to explore and appreciate this lake is by taking a Shikara (boat) ride. You can even choose to stay in one of the houseboats on the lake.

Nagin Lake – Found at the foothills of Zabarwan hills, Nagin Lake is one of the prime vacation spots in the city that must not be missed. Fundamentally, it is a branch of the main Dal Lake. Being encompassed by mountains-Hari Parbat on the west and Shankaracharya hills on the east, the area of the Nagin Lake turns out to be a worshiping sight. Much the same as the other prevalent lakes in Srinagar, well-known houseboats like Shikharas are a typical sight here.
Inde 2007

Manasbal Lake - Manasbal Lake in the Kashmir valley is a pleasant water body that is settled in the peaceful Jhelum valley. The wonderful Manasbal lake is not linked to any significant channels for water inflow. Concealed in the lap of nature, the lake is one of the real attractions near Srinagar, the visit of which one can put money on. The source of this prevalent lake is not yet clear. In any case, it is accepted by local people that it is exceptionally antiquated as it is named after the hallowed Mansarovar Lake in Kailash mountain. The fascinating perspective of the lake incorporates lovely lotus blossoms spotted in the significant segment of the lake. Much
Manasbal Lake


Shalimar Garden – A standout amongst the most renowned greenhouse in Kashmir valley, Shalimar garden is arranged on the shores of quiet Dal Lake. “Shalimar” itself characterizes the reason for its development which specifies ‘abode of love’. In this way, this was built by Mughal Emperor Jehangir for his dearest spouse Nur Jahan, around 400 years back. The rich green and all around kept up Garden of Srinagar composed with porch yards, wellspring pools and blossom beds consolidated with forceful chinar trees and structures.
Shalimar Garden

Chashme Shahi Garden - This is a terraced garden, intriguing wellsprings and flower beds on the banks of Dal Lake. Perfectly terraced garden and vivid blooms make Chashme Shahi more delightful than some other stops and gardens of Kashmir. Initially, Shah Jahan’s brainchild in the year 1632 it has experienced various redesigns to hold its noteworthy magnificence. Shah Jahan named this garden after a mountain spring that waters it thus it has the name, Chashme Shahi.
Chashme Shahi Garden

Nishat Garden – Otherwise called “garden of happiness”, Nishat Garden in Srinagar is set near the banks of the lovely Dal Lake. The patio is set at the setting of the snow capped Pir Panjal mountain range and it offers an awesome dusk perspective of the Dal Lake. A lovely water direct streams right amidst the patio nursery. The greenhouse has 12 porches, one for each zodiac sign and they keep on ascending the mountainside. Every one of the patios is loaded with various shaded roses, lilies, geraniums and asters.

A visit to Srinagar to open your eyes to nature’s definitive best! Do you really want to miss that?

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