Striking The Right Pose At Your First Job

The first interview, the second and perhaps a third are over by now and your position assumed is ‘an employee’ of the company. A new workplace, new boss and may or may not be dissimilar to that of the previous one. All that was needed to impress in the interviews are no more needed. However, having impressed by speech, manner and documentary credulous claims they are still in the minds .Hence, an impressive first few days or weeks are solicited. The expectation is ‘walk the talk’.


It is assumed that the new member is well aware of the workplace he/ she has entered in and such fitting in should cause no consternation whatsoever. The recruit is expected to familiarize with the duty at hand like a duckling taking to water. Nevertheless it would be saner wisdom to have at hand a brochure if there is about the Company and also some information of the hierarchy under whom and for whom the work is done. The mission and the vision statements should be clearly understood. If not no amount of toil is going to satisfy the stakeholders.

The staff no matter of what section or unit they represent or which level they are in, all would d probe the new staff member and his/ her movements, dress, make-ups and other nuances with excitement, inquisitiveness, and even sometimes envy and these are natural traits of any human.A new employee should not be perturbed of such glances and comments if there be; and even if so caution should be taken not to verbally or non verbally make it obvious.For an experienced employee with a previous job, it may not be a serious issue. It would do a lot good if the employee maintains an air of stable disposition and a pleasant going about.

At a time when there isn’t a definite impression is not established as yet, the temptation is to prove oneself and most often this is done by criticizing the former place of work. But this is dangerous and risky since generally people examine the authenticity. Remember, the first impression is the best and also the risk is, if a similar situation or a similar person exists in the new Company it is stirring the hornet’s nest. Avoid such hasty and callous actions.

Dressing appropriately makes sense and the choice of clothes should be appropriate to the culture of the new workplace. At the interview one meets only the top rung but not the entire staff. It is the general atmosphere one has to acquaint with and as each Company has a culture built within the fresh employee will do well if dressed well to toe the line and yet be a cut above during the first few days or weeks- not be overtly though nor below par so as to maintain a good personae in the workplace.

Behavior, personal views, socializing attributes do matter but cannot be altogether revealed within a few days. As such, resolve ahead to take time and gradually expose them in a mild pace rather than rushing too early.. All these contribute towards a successful career accomplishment what skills and other job oriented alone will not. It means from the cubicle of the Boss to the reception to the other units and sometimes even to the security personnel new entrants mannerisms especially politeness should be observed from day one.

Beginning the day with well prepared job list (maybe having discussed with the superior), punctuality, meeting or collaborating with the right staff member for a harmonious activity etc., go a long way to meet the satisfaction of the management who are earnestly waiting justify their choice at the interview. The vacancy that is filled in most cases is perhaps as a result of someone else vacating the post or the termination of his/ hers due to disqualification. Hence, the new staff member has to prove, they have got the best replacement. It sounds nervous, but it is presumed the interviews were conducted to prepare the candidate.

To sum up, what the new boss expects is a person agile, responsible, self motivated for the task and more than all who is positive so that the establishment could pin their hopes for a way forward achievement.

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