Stable your life with hessonite

Hessonite is a particular gemstone that comes from garnet which has calcium and silicon in it. This stone is also known as Gomed and most of the stones have a yellow honey color. Some of the stones also have red cinnamon color as well. It is said that this is the birthstone of January, but most of the people who have a strong rahu effect on them can wear it. It is easily identifiable because of its color and the presence of manganese in it. It also has a lower gravity. But, according to astrology, it is a stone of benefit, which brings a lot of positivity.

The benefits of wearing a hessonite stone

The urine colored Gomez or hessonite dismisses the evil effect of Rahu (according to Hindu mythology, it is a negative effect) and protects one who wears it from the negative impacts on life.

It makes the mind of the wearer calm and cool by which they can get relieved from their stress and tension and also removes their tensions making life a bit peaceful.

It increases concentration in studies and works and helps the wearer to keep focused in their life. This stone is very beneficial for the students who are pursuing higher studies and for researchers.

It gives a boost of energy to one who wears it resulting in success in professional fronts. It helps one to progress further in their career ladder bringing financial strength and prosperity to them.

This stone also has some therapeutic benefits as well. It can cure allergies and epilepsy. One who has a sinus problem, this gemstone can be beneficial for them. According to astrologers, those who have heart problems and pulmonary diseases this hessonite can also help in their well being.

A hessonite always brings the five fruits of life together to the wearer of the stone. These are meditation, financial prosperity, pleasures of a body, righteous living and salvation.

It also brings peace and happiness in a conjugal and married life. It gives a sudden boost of love, energy and peace. But for that one of the partners has to wear the stone all the time. It is even better if both of them can wear it.

Wearing a hessonite gives you the power to lead. It gathers attraction towards you even in a large crowd.

How to wear it and who can wear it?

According to Hindu astrology those, who have a negative effect of rahu on them should wear it. Hessonite stone price depends on the authenticity and the carat of the stone. One should wear this stone on the middle figure as it represents planet Saturn which is similar to Rahu.

But before wearing a gemstone, one should always go and get an advice from the astrologer whether they need to wear the stone at all or not. If yes, then how much carat they should wear. Otherwise there can be a negative effect on the wearer in spite of the positive ones.

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