Spectacular Ideas about Class Room Decoration

I have seen many children who love to decorate their class rooms. They make different charts, hang colorful posters and design different study materials for their wall. This is actually the hidden talents of every student but sometimes student don’t fine any appropriate way to express their talents. So I think the best way is to assign some specific and interesting tasks to students so that they apply their own creativeness. Every year our school organizes best class room competition. And I observed that these competitions are always won by junior classes like playgroup or 2nd grade students. So being a teacher I also prepared a strategy to decorate my class room in quite enchanting way. But the tasks were divided among all students. So that every student can apply his innovation.

Spectacular Ideas about Class Room Decoration

Rainbows and Clouds:

We took a start from a simpler task. I brought some nets which were in different colors like pink, blue, yellow, green and red. And stylize these nets in a rainbow shape on the wall. Then we brought cotton in enormous amount and molded it in bunch form and then hanged it above the rainbow nets, which were displaying as clouds. Now this was looking like a rainy view.

White Board Decoration:

For white board ornamentation we brought multi colored ribbon and stylize it on the all four corners of white board. And for further cherishment we decorated ribbons on the top left and bottom right corner of the board.

Class Rules Chart:

You often watched a time table in the class room. But besides time table I created a class rules chart. And mentioned all disciplined and class rules chart on pink chart paper. But this work was looking quite simple, so for further enchantment I thought about its conversion on canvas art prints, which was a fabulous idea indeed. And then we pasted this unique art piece in front wall so that while entering people see the rules and appreciate the idea.

Windows and Door Decoration:

Windows and doors are also the main components of class room. And if they left simply without decoration then I think the area will look unaffected and casual. So for door decoration, I bought some colorful charts and cut down them in long elongated shapes which were approximately covering the entire door. I thought to hang them randomly at the door with a long cord. But my students proposed that we should settle them in diagonal shape. So being a teacher it was my duty to respect their opinion, so we settle them according to their desire and fixed them by placing a small tulip plant besides the door which was actually providing support to the curtains. And For the window decoration we applied the same strategy but I hanged them randomly with a long cord.

Class Room Decoration

Wall Decoration:

Our walls were looking quite simple and plain in spite of rainbow adornment and class rules chart. But obviously that were not enough, especially when you are heading towards a great competition. So we created charts and posters about scientific discoveries, and at the end I captured a photo of my all students and beautify it by transformation of the photo printed on Canvas. The idea got hit and inspired. I further bought some beautiful indoor plant’s branches and decorated them around our charts and posters. Some students proposed an idea to cut images of fruits and vegetables and pasted them on walls. So I cut 2 pieces of fruits and pasted them besides class rules chart.

And at last we ended up with best wishes and hopes.

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