Shade Structures: How They Keep Your Kids and Garden Safe?

During extreme weather conditions, you can keep yourself safe inside your house. But, it is your kids who have to suffer because of rough weather. They are forbidden to play in the scorching heat of summer and are not allowed to go outside during heavy rains. Also, if you are fond of your garden, then be prepared to lose your precious plants because of hailstorm or strong winds. If these thoughts bother you, then you can bid them goodbye. There’s a wonderful solution to all these problems – shade structure.

Over the last few years, more and more people have installed shade structures in their backyards. There are several benefits of installing them in your yard, but the one that makes them mandatory is that they can keep your kids as well as your garden safe. Let’s see how they do it.

# UV Protection

You cannot be sure that your kids apply sunscreen lotions every time they step out into the sun. But, shade structure can protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun. Studies reveal that childhood takes up almost 80% of a person’s sun exposure of his entire lifetime. It is also known that over exposure to UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer.

But, by having a shade in your yard, you can cut down all these risks without snatching the joy of your child. UV-B radiations are harmful for plants too. Putting them under the shade would save them from withering.

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# Lower Chances of Heat Stroke

Air conditioners have helped us to tolerate the scorching heat, but it has also resulted in frequent temperature fluctuations. One moment you’re inside a room with air conditioning, and the next moment you are outdoors for some work. This difference in temperature accounts for a major reason of heat stroke. Heat stroke poses life threat to humans and since kids spent most of their time outdoors, they are at greater risk.

A shade structure is a durable way to beat this natural element. You can also make outdoor seating arrangements under the shade so that your kids can take some rest when they are tired. This will allow them to cool down after they get all heated up. By doing so, you would decrease frequent temperature fluctuations.

# Save Your Plants from Hailstorms

People who are fond of gardens literally dread hailstorm because they know that after the storm is over, they are going to find their garden in a completely wretched and devastated state. By keeping them under the shade, you can save your garden. Though there are chances that some fragile ones may get uprooted or destroyed, but at least you’ll be able to save most of them. Further, if your kid somehow gets stuck in the yard, then you’ll know that at least he can now stay protected from the rough weather conditions.

# Rainfall is No Longer a Problem

If there’s one season that can make children gloomy, then it has to be rainy season. Continuous drizzling not only takes away the joy of playing, but also irritates them by keeping them shut indoors for long hours, and at times, even days. But, with a backyard shade structure, your child won’t have to sing ‘Rain rain go away’ as he or she would already be protected from it. In fact, with the help of few additions, rainy season can become more interesting for your kids.

Install few seats and a bench, and when your child gets bored of playing, he can sit with you and enjoy a nice chat. If you are willing to spend few extra bucks, then you can go for attractive park furniture. So now, your whole family can sit and enjoy the rain in the yard.

Do you have great ideas of seating arrangements for the shade structures? Have you benefited by installing shades in your garden? Do let us know in the comments’ section.

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