Set up an Ice Luge to add Style and Zest to your Wedding

Wedding celebrations are supposed to be special. While some are content with traditional weddings, with conventional dresses and flower decorations, more and more young people choose to make their wedding special. But, you need to make sure that your wedding celebration ideas do not take anything away from the specialness of the occasion.

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the liquor. While you do not want the guest to get drunk, you do want them to loosen up. And, to be honest, at least half of the people attending the wedding are more interested in the drinks than in the food or the decorations. So, why not serve the drinks in style? An ice luge can help you spice up your wedding decorations and help keep the drinks cool at the same time!

What is an Ice Luge?

Ice luges are getting quite popular, and there is a good chance that you have come across one at some wedding party or corporate event. An ice luge is carved from a block of ice – it can be shaped according your specifications and it can complement other decorations – with a tube or channel through which liquor can pass.

Ice Luge

Usually, liquor of some kind is poured at the top of the ice luge, and it travels the cold surface of the ice and comes out at the bottom. The glasses can be placed or fixed at the bottom, and the guests can enjoy the taste of chilled vodka, scotch, tequila or any other liquor. You can also create a special luge for kids and serve cranberry juice or lemonade.

Special Ice Luges for Weddings

Plonking any old ice luge at your wedding may not be an appealing idea, but getting a customized ice luge and setting it up at the bar is definitely an exciting notion. Many bars in Australia use ice luges, and the trend of using ice luges for weddings is also on the rise. Ice artists can carve beautiful ice luges on the basis of your specifications.

For example, you can have an ice luge shaped like the porch of the church where the wedding is held, and you can carve the names or the initials of the wedding couple on the ice luges! Also, if it is a small event, and there aren’t too many drinkers, you can do away with the bar and simply place the bottles along with the ice luge. The ice artist can set up the luge in a large space and spread lots of ice at the bottom of the luge. You can place the bottles at the bottom of the luge to make sure that the liquor stays cool.

Are you planning to set up an ice luge at your wedding? It is a fun idea, definitely better than a drab bar. An ice luge is unusual, but fun, and it can help you add a lot of fun to your wedding. Here are some ideas for people planning to use ice luges at their wedding:

  • Create an ice luge with a strong foundation, and ask the ice artists to create hollow spots where bottles can be placed.
  • Use colored lights to light up the ice sculpture and the liquor. You can also place LED lights inside the luge.
  • Decorate the space around the ice luge with flowers or other decorations that match your wedding theme.
  • You can bring frozen shot glasses and place them alongside the ice luge. If your wedding is being held during the hot months of the years, your guests will bless you for it.
  • In case there are a number of heavy drinkers at your wedding who are bound to fall in love with the ice luges, you can create a bigger ice luge with several channels. So, even if there is a rush for trying out liquor from the ice luges, people won’t have to wait for too long.

Have you ever seen and enjoyed ice luges at any party or bar? What do you like most about ice luges? Please share your experiences and ideas in the comments!

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