Selecting The Perfect Letting Agents In Middleton

There are so many different letting agents for Middleton out there that it can be very difficult to know which one to go with. One of your friends had a really good experience with one name, whereas another friend couldn’t say anything bad about another… It’s hard enough making the decision to move house in the current economic climate, without having to worry about picking the perfect lettings agent!

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There is some good news — with a bit of minimal research, finding the right agent is not going to be a difficult decision.

The internet can certainly make things easier when you are trying to find the right lettings agent, but if you type “Letting Agents Middleton” the internet will narrow down your search to those that are only relevant to you. What’s the point in searching for agents that don’t work in your area?
Ideally, with the help of your search engine of choice, you should narrow your results down to about three or four specific letting agents Middleton. This is now your shortlist!

Asking the right questions

Check out the websites of the three or four lettings agents you’ve shortlisted. Look on the website to see what properties they have recently let out. If there are a lot of properties, the company is clearly doing their job well. If there aren’t that many, surely you must ask why…

Can you get in touch with them from the website? We live in a fast paced society now where phone calls and face-to-face meetings are hard to keep. You will find that most big names in the world of lettings agents will also have mobile phone applications to make life even easier still. Having an online presence is essential for a good lettings agent.

Have you seen the office? You might not have the time but you will be surprised at how turned off you can be by the state of an office or desk. If there are mountains of paperwork on the desks of the letting agents’ office, how on earth are they going to find your paperwork in time? It makes sense to scope them out.


Word of mouth

Word of mouth is important of course, and it makes sense to ask friends and family whether or not they have experience with any letting agents in Middleton that you are thinking of using. At the same time you should be taking what they say with a pinch of salt, so to speak. Get the whole story before you make a decision; more often than not, a lot of the complaints come from disgruntled tenants that didn’t read the terms and conditions.

Governing bodies

If you’re looking for a great letting agents in Middleton, rather than just a good one, check out whether or not they are joined to any of the governing bodies we list below:

NALS – National Approved Lettings Scheme
ARLA – Association of Residential Lettings Agents

You don’t need to be regulated by one of these bodies in order to be a lettings agent, but it will work in your favour when ensuring you get the best service for your money to pick one that adheres to these regulations.

Terms and conditions

Above all else, read the small print. Those terms and conditions may seem like endless pages of fluff to you, but you are signing up to an important agreement so it makes sense to know all of the information going in. The last thing you are going to want is to be stung with extra costs that you weren’t aware of because you didn’t read all the paperwork the letting agents Middleton (or anywhere) presented to you. They ask you to read and sign for a reason after all.

So there you have them; the essential need-to-know snippets of information you will need to find the perfect letting agent regardless of where in the world you are looking. Do your research, take what other people say with a pinch of salt, take the time to walk into the office and make sure you read everything you have been given. Happy house-hunting!

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