Scrubber, An Easier Way To Clean Up Utensils

 A scrubber is special device used to clean the kitchen fumes. The fumes formed in kitchen are drawn horizontally. We know that, the kitchen utensils are washed and cleaned in 3 different sections like scrubbing, rinsing and sanitizing. Scrubbing is the main and foremost process. Thus scrubbers used should be of good quality.  These scrubbers have a very low pressure drop and hence very high scrubbing efficiency. It is commonly said as pot brush. Pot washing is often a hard part in domestic kitchens as well as restaurants. So to make the work easy scrubber is widely used as best method.

There is a model called Humid Scrubber Pads. It is a type of wet scrubber. It has a semi-metallic filter, GI spray nozzles, sump strainer and PVC water eliminator. The fumes drawn through the scrubber is exited out through centrifugal fan. The sump re circulates the water.

Power scrubber

Scrubber manufacturer produces the scrubber in order to satisfy the customer requirements. There are several brushes available that can be easily changed according to the need. The brushes are flexible for scouring. There are two parts namely filament and a brush placed parallel or perpendicular as per the requirement. One of the method is power scrubber which uses an electric motor. This method uses the minimum effort to clean up the utensils, pots with the help of flexible brush. Power scrubber is used to scrub solid dishware. It works by mounting the pot walls which in turn is connected to six foot flexible shaft.

Manual scrubber

Manual scrubber by the name indicates scrubbing manually. This model is complex type. It consists of big water pump. It has a re circulating soaker. The re circulator commonly used is simply water agitation. Still there are several re circulators available in the market. These types of scrubber easily loosen and wash away the light to medium dust as well as food particles.  This model can be used only for domestic usage as it will consume more labors. The best advantage is easy to use and lower at cost.


Advantages of using Scrubbers


  • There are certain advantages in practicing scrubbers.
  • They easily remove stains
  • They remove allergens and dust particles
  • They provide sanitary kitchens
  • They are very easy to use.

 Scrubbing pad

Scrubbing pad was first discovered by Kingman in the year 1928. It is a small pad of metal used to clean the surface. Some possess a soft sponge on one side and plastic mesh on other side. Scrubbing pads are sometimes a hard task that continuous he and skin irritation. Thus it is advised to use gloves to prevent irritation.  The satisfaction of cleaning depends how larger the scrub is. The larger size satisfies more when compared to smaller size scrubber.

Thus scrubber and scrubbing pads has made cleaning work very easy and simple and you can find a good quality scrubbing pad manufactured by a reputed Steel scrubber manufacturer from a store in your locality easily.

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