Salsa is dance of passion and love

Have you ever seen two people dancing on the tunes of Salsa? They look lovely and the dance form is so passionate that everyone would love to see it.

Salsa dance

Salsa is a dance form, which was originated in New York and has some influences from Cuba & Puerto Rico. It is generally performed in pairs and not alone. To start with it’s a fast dance that is performed on a comparatively fast music. But honestly this form of dance makes you so energetic that you would actually want to perform with the dancers.

Salsa dance classes form was originated to entertain the audience on stage shows then it becomes a party dance gradually. Now everyone out there want to learn the dance form and have a blast with their partners. Below is an example of how the dancers look like while preforming the dance.

They look lovely? Right! To explain you further Salsa was formed on the tunes of Cha Cha Cha and Mambo dance forms. And when you would actually see the dance it’s primarily performed with the use of foot and steps where the dancers change their weights by stepping to and fro in the motion. The upper weight of the body remains same and unaffected. The arms are used by the lead dancer (primarily male) to communicate the body transformation to the fellow partner. The girl is relied on the male for the lifts performed by her as it’s the sole responsibility of the male partner to help her to complete it.

salsa dance classes

In a modern day Salsa Dance form has transformed a lot that people has started to fusion it like for example leg work has increased as compared to the prior foot work only, adding to it arm work, spins and body isolations have added glamor and charm to the dance form. People look so beautiful while performing this dance.

Now to further throw some light on the subject lets know whereabouts the Dance form. Salsa dance is usually performed at ballrooms; bars, discotheque and family get together in a modern day. And not to forget that every year at each country there is a salsa dance festival where quite many participants take part.

When you would witness this dance form you would realize that how beautiful is it to actually perform it, with respect to its growing trends there are lots of dance academies being opening to teach Salsa, Cha Cha Cha and other dance forms. The classes are totally customized and held on weekdays and weekends.

One can even learn the dance of love and passion through watching videos, live stage performances held at various events and get-togethers. Or the best way would be to hire a professional to teach you.

We all know that when we see couple performing Salsa dance there is wave of passion in our body which makes the dance form completes and meaningful. The music when played force our feet to step on the dance floor and enjoy the music.

Now let us quickly read know about the various styles of Salsa Dance: -

  1. Colombian Style – This dance form is based on Colombian City of Cali.
  2. Cuban Style – This is also known as Casino Salsa Dance.
  3. Miami Style – Originated in Florida and centered around Miami
  4. Rueda De Casino It was formulated in Havana, Cuba
  5. Los Angeles Style – This dance form is influenced by Mambo and Tango Ballroom Dancing
  6. New York Style – The only difference from LA Dance style is it is performed on second beat of the music.

We can clearly see that Salsa Dance form is quite old and has a lot of history, moreover it is getting popular in modern day which people enjoy watching and performing it

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