Role of television in the field of education

If we talk about education, the first image which comes into our mind is a pile of books. It is not our fault. But it is our traditional forms of teaching and learning process which made us think of books as the major source of learning. But with the advent of new technologies, so many supporting aids are also used in the process of learning. Television is a good entertainer and along with it, it performs educational functions also. Now it has become an inevitable part of educational field.

TV listing

Here, education doesn’t means merely academic education. It caters o all levels of education. A television provides you with so many channels which offer you with a large variety of programmes. We have to choose the needed channel and needed programme which could be done easily by surfing internet for the TV listing.

How it promotes education?

National spirit and love for nation are needed features of a good citizen. Television plays a major role in developing the spirit of patriotism among the citizens. It can influence people emotionally and thus can make an increase the feelings of people towards their nation. It also helps to generate love for the fellow beings, sympathy for the fellow beings, and also it helps to create a good awareness among the people about the rights and duties of a good citizen.

Each individual are different and they need different modes of educational process to meet their needs. For a great mass of people, it is very difficult to provide such education. Here, television can help you better. You can divide the pupil to different categories according to their tastes and give them access to educational programmes telecasted through TV which will surely influence the student more than any other aids could do. For a great mass of pupil, a single teacher can be not sufficient. So, television can be used as a good tool for promoting mass education.

 In most of the countries, television is used as a major teaching aid in distance education. People choose distance education to avoid the cost of travelling, time and energy. Providing complete notes for a student of distant education is also not appropriate. So some universities decided to collaborate with some educational channels and use some time to give audio visual aid through television for their students. It turned out to be very successful. The TV listing is made available to all the students which help them to arrange their time in order to watch their educational programme on time.

Special features of television

Special features of television which help in the educational process are mentioned below:

  • It supports and aids teaching
  • It is a good instructor
  • It can explain facts clearly using visual images
  • It is very good in summarising a discussed topic in the class room
  • Students need good motivation and television encourages them in proper way
  • It can increase the rate of speed of study

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