Roaming through Ranikhet: A must visit During the Holidays

If you are wondering where to head out for the upcoming holidays, then one of the most charming options that you have is none other than the quaint hill station of Uttaranchal called Ranikhet. Ranikhet or the Queen’s garden, is a cantonment town located in the Almora district of this state and needless to say has an appeal of its own which makes it such a popular tourist haunt.

Along with the superb beauty that this place commands, there are plenty of 3 star hotels in Ranikhet as well, which makes it really easy for you to enjoy a nice and comfortable stay over here at a pocket friendly price! Here are some of the things that you should definitely try out when visiting Ranikhet during the holidays:

1. First and foremost, if you want to enjoy the true beauty of the hills then, you should definitely visit the Chaubatia Gardens. This is an orchard that offers beautiful view of the surrounding mountains like Trishul, Nandadevi and many more. You will find apples, peaches, apricots and various varieties of orchard fruits here. Located 1800mts above sea level, the Chaubatia Gardens is a must visit during your trip to Ranikhet.

2. The Jhula Devi temple is also a must visit locale when you visit Ranikhet. This temple was built sometime in the 8th century and it is believed to be a really auspicious one. Legend says that once a shepherd had dreamt of Ma Durga who had asked him to dig out her idol from a given spot and the next day when dug at the mentioned spot, sure enough he found the idol, around which the temple was constructed! Plenty of bells adorn the temple premises and it is definitely and adds a holy touch to the place altogether. It is located near the Chaubatia Gardens.

3.Set out from any one of the hotels in Uttarakhand where you will be staying, travel 87kms from Ranikhet and you will reach Manila. If you want to visit a less frequented hamlet of this region, then Manila is the perfect spot. It is believed to be the original birth place of Goddess Manila, who is the official deity of the Katyuri clan, an indigenous group of this region. In fact, the Jim Corbett National Park is only 75kms away from this hamlet and hence you can make a stop at Manila and then head out to this famous National Park!

4. Another must visit place during your stay in Ranikhet is Bhalu Dam. It is only about one kilometre trek from the main area of this cantonment town. The Bhalu Dam is basically an artificial lake. What makes it so beautiful is the huge dense forest that surrounds it and adds a beautiful serenity.

5. If you want to visit one of the highest golf courses of Asia, then head out to the Upat Gold course. This 9-point golf course is a beautiful place to roam about in a lazy afternoon.

So, when it comes to Ranikhet, you have plenty of places to roam about in. Start making your travel plans to this lovely hill station today!

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