A plasma cutting machine uses a plasma torch to cut the metal materials having different thickness. Metal Cutting is important for the most of the industries and businesses. This method was introduced in 1960, and it has appeared as one of the most productive and popular method for cutting metal sheet in 1980. Plasma is a state of matter like a solid, liquid or gas.

CNC PLASMA CUTTING MACHINEMoreover, the ongoing and rapid evolution of plasma technology has continuously been totally built on its fundamental benefits, which is making it even more viable in an ever-expanding range of applications. But what are the major plus points of CNC plasma cutting machine? One of the major benefits why most of the industries are using it is its versatility. It is capable of piercing, intricate cutting and believing in one operation. Plasma cutting machines can effectively cut almost any type of electrically conductive metal having thickness up to 6”. Apart from this, it brings a whole host of benefits, which makes it more preferable choice among the industrial workers.

Here are some other advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting Machine:
• Cutting Speed: – Almost 90% of the metal cut today is having 25mm thickness or less than that, and plasma cutting machines are leveraging from a significant speed advantage. You can expect cutting speed almost twice from the other machines, and the speed further increases as the thickness decreases. This increased speed means improved productivity, which means you can now cut more parts in less time.
• Types of metal: – There are some hypotheses about plasma cutting, not able to cut all types of hard metal materials. But this is not true actually. If you are mixing and coordinating the right gases this can be easily cut all types of metal. It can easily and effectively cut almost any kind of electrically conductive metal with the thickness up to 6”.

• Precision And Accuracy: – One of the major benefits of the plasma cutting machine is its laser-sharp accuracy and precision. Plasma cutting can produce accuracy and precision in cutting. The cutter is designed with gears that enable the cutter with more precise motions in all the directions of cutting such that there are no variations in the measurements.

A CNC plasma cutting machine can cut a variety of materials and also cut metal with different thickness without any problem. Beside this, there are CNC plasma cutters that are operated by the computers in which the specifications of the measurements are stored in the hard disk of the computer before starting the cutting process. Due to such features, most of the manufacturing companies and small businesses are choosing a CNC Plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting machine with the advanced technology produces high quality cutting.

• Cutting costs are lowered: – Plasma cutting machines are comparatively cheap compared to a laser cutting machine. Small business also affords plasma cutting machine. Plasma cutting machine increases your business productivity and used for production for a wide range of goods.

• Size of cutting machine: – Plasma cutting machine is available in a different range of sizes and a shape today; there is no need to worry about the size of the cutting machine.

• More efficient: – One of the aspects of efficiency of CNC plasma cutting machine lies in the ease of use. The cutter doesn’t require hardcore training for the operator, which makes it using more easily and efficiently. Moreover, the cutting process never requires any kind of complicated adjustments as with other types of cutters.

• Power consumption: – Plasma cutting machine utilize less power compare to other metal cutting machine. Beside that the metal outside the cutting area remains cool even after the cutting process in the plasma cutter.
Apart from all the above benefits, users can leverage from more security, higher reliability and better portability from the CNC plasma cutting machines. The above discussed benefits make it a perfect choice for cutting any kind of metal, and make it worth the money invest in it. What do you think? Share your experience in the comments below…!

Paresh Thakor is working with Ajan Electronics. Ajan Electronics is founded in 1973. During years the company has specialized in no break power supply systems, electric discharge machines, cnc milling machines, cnc paslma cutting machine manufactured machines are operating in domestic and in 24 countries abroad.

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