Reasons for which you should not miss visiting Ahmedabad

Are you wondering where to head out to in the upcoming holidays? Well if you are interested in exploring one of the most interesting as well as happening corners of India, then you should definitely make your way to Ahmedabad. Located in Gujarat, this is the largest city of this city and was also once its capital. It is actually the heart and soul of this state and hence if you are interested in heading out to this part of the country, then a couple of days stay at Ahmedabad is a must.

Wondering what are some of the reasons, which makes Ahmedabad a must visit city? Well, then take a look at some of them and decide for yourself:

1. First and foremost, Ahmedabad is the place to be during the time of Makarkranti. This is generally sometime between the months of September to October. You have to be present in the city during this time since it is the time of the kite festival. The largest key festival in the state is held here. The sky fills up with kites from various households even today and it is indeed a pleasure to watch. You can stay at the best resort in Gujarat and enjoy this wonderful sight.

2. Ahmedabad offers you a shopping experience which comes with a delightful twist. You can head out to the Law garden night market to get the most amazing deals. You will have to bargain really hard but the prices at which you will get ghagras and cholis are actually quite amazing. LehsunChatni and Maska paw is something that you should definitely try out when bargaining at this beautiful market place. It is a photographer’s delight too!

3. The best way to get to know a place is by taking a walk along its lanes and alleys and this exactly what the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation or AMC organizes. It is known as the heritage walk since it takes a tour of some of the oldest and monumental structures of the city on foot. If you are interested in architecture, then this is a walk that you should never miss!

4. Well, when you come to Ahmedabad, you get to witness the abode of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the pioneers of the Indian Freedom struggle. A visit to the Sabarmati ashram is a must for this purpose. There in the quiet solitude of the ashram you will come across HridayKunj which is the cottage where Gandhi ji lived and from where he also set out for the famous Dandi March

5. One of the most compelling reasons for which you definitely cannot miss out on Ahmedabad in your life because you need to give your taste buds the delights of a typical Gujarati thali. All you need to do is step out of any of the hotels in Ahmedabad Gujarat where you will be staying and head out to a road side food shop. No matter how health conscious you are, do try them out!

Need any more convincing? Start making your travel plans to Ahmedabad today!

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