Rearrange Your Home Furnishing to Improve Good Fortune

Rearrange Your Home Furnishing to Improve Good Fortune

The living room has fine environment and feng shui, which has the ability to bring the fortune into your home. On the contrary, if the living room is often dark and without light, the gods of wealth would pass by and not come into your house. There are some ways to rearrange the living room to invite the god of wealth coming in.

The front hallway put fish tank
Water is the symbol for fortune. If you want to improve the money fortune, we suggest you put fish tank at the front hallway.
From fei shui saying, the water tank has the ability to gather good fortune. Besides, water is the symbol of fortune, if you hope to promote your wealth luck, you may put fish tank at the front hallway. As to the place, the front hallway is the perfect place for it, for it is the entrance for fortune and the place to gather money luck. Besides the front hallway, you may put it at other fortune place of the room.

Clean the front hallway frequently
Keep the front hallway clean and wide can collect more money fortune and the god of wealth would come to your house.
The front hallway is the entrance for the fortune to come into your house and the place for collecting money fortune. As long as you keep this place clean and wide, you can gather more money fortune. Try not to put other stuffs at the front hallway. Meanwhile, remember to clean it regularly. Besides, if the place is too dark, it may shelter your way to gather money fortune. Therefore, you have to raise the lightness of the electric lamps or add more indirect illumination.

Posit household appliance at the living room fortune place
The fortune place in the living room is the center place for good fortune. You can turn the fortune into energy by putting household appliance.
If you want to earn more money and increase your income, you have to think of ways to make the fortune in your house becoming much better. The fortune place in the living room is the gathering place for good fortune, as long as you put electric appliance which makes the air circulated such as cold air, fan and so on, you can turn the fortune into energy and makes the fortune much better. The plants can replace the electric appliance if you do not want to put them.

Avoid being the drain fortune house
In feng shui, for the draining fortune house, the money would constantly flow out. You may use plants to stop it.
From the front hallway to the window, if it is a line, then the house is called draining fortune house. The money will constantly flows out, for the fortune coming from the front hallway will directly flows out of the window. If there is a door between them, you had better keep it closed. If without a door, the best way to solve this problem is to put plants or screen in the middle of the line to avoid the fortune flowing out.
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