Pushkar: Lord Brahma’s Own Land

Pushkar is a city of pilgrimage from time immemorial with a lakeside settlement in Northwest Ajmer in the colorful state of Rajasthan. This holy place finds its references in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The Pushkar being a spiritual destination is the only place in the world with the temple of the God of Creation, Brahma and is supposed to be 2000 years old. The perfect spiritual ambience is created in Pushkar with over 400 hundred temples and around 52 bathing Ghats that surround the city. The beauty of Pushkar lies in the Pushkar Lake which is believed to be brought to existence by falling of a lotus from the hands of Lord Brahma. Pushkar lake is surrounded by many bathing Ghats which are refurbished and developed by royal families of Rajasthan. Every year thousands of people come over here from all parts of Asia to take a holy dip into the Pushkar Lake. The lake is rich in flora and fauna and is a treat to the eyes.

Come and experience the mind-blowing rajasthani music and folklores of gallantry in the colorful city of Pushkar. The city is famous for its five days Pushkar Camel Fair which is organized every year in the month of Kartikh (October-November). One can witness the beautiful camels and cattle cleaned, decorated with bells and jewelry, specially the female cattle and are kept for buy or sale. People come and take part in camel races and enjoy the camel rides strolling from stall to stall in the Pushkar Fair Rajasthan Tour. Various colorful stalls are installed selling the jewelry for camel like bangles, anklets, saddles, beads, string and a lot more. Beautifully Decorated camels have a parade and the best looking camel wins the prize. The array of displayed artifacts is unending. These stalls have ravishing artifacts for the visitors as well. Ranging from silver ornaments from Nagaur, patchwork and printed textiles as well as the famous tie n dye fabric from Ajmer city are a major source of attraction for tourists.

And this is not all; varied art of royal Rajasthan is exhibited by the locals in the pushkar fair rajasthan. Stop by a stall give your taste buds a happy surprise by eating from the ethnic food stalls selling traditional rajasthani food. In order to witness the beauty of Indian villages and rural culture have a safari tour to nearby Aravalli Range mountains and experience the mesmerizing sunsets, sandy fields and unending sand dunes. All in all Pushkar is not only a place to visit but an unforgettable experience to have!

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