Punching holes was never easy until….

Whenever you had to punch a hole in a hard metal or steel surface, you had to go through a lot of manual effort and labour to dig one hole. The reason being, surfaces made out of metal or steel are hard to dig, unless you are using a tool. Even if you were using an electric tool, there was so much of effort that was required to complete the task, because every hole you dig need lot of precision to dig in clean. But today punching holes in a hard sheet is no more an issue. Thanks to the new panel punches that are available today that has made life easier for people.

Knockout tools are today one of the most commonly used methods to punch holes in hard surfaces like metal or steel and electrical boxes. Though there are other tools like conventional drills or hole saws that can do the same job but nothing works as precise and need than the knockout tools. You can easily punch holes size from ½ inch to 6 inches in diameter. The size of the hole is completely dependent on the kind of tool and material you are trying to punch holes. There are tools available for both mild as well as heavy steel. Other than steel, knockout tools can also be used to punch holes in fibreglass, aluminium and plastic.

Benefits of using knockout tool

Over the years, knockout tool has evolved drastically. Before the introduction of knockout tools, there were bimetal hole saw that were used for punching holes, but with the invention of this instrument, life has become easier for electricians, plumbers or for people who works in construction industry. Below are some benefits that people have been enjoying post the invention of this dynamic tool:-

• Knockout tools have quickly gained interest of many workers because digging holes in sheet has become lot easier and faster.
• This instrument is even safe to use when compared to its other types. With hole saws there were many chances of getting injured while doing the job the done but with knockout tool, it is lot more safer
• Other similar kind of tools though did the same job but none of them had same kind of precision like this one. Now you can easily make accurate openings in the sheets of sheet in very less time

Things to evaluate before purchasing

You just cannot go in the market and buy a product, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about the product. Even if you do, there are certain valuable elements that need to be considered before purchasing:-

• Capacity of the tool – See if the tool is able to punch holes in all sizes
• Easy to handle – Check the weight, alignment, balance for the easiness of use
• Capability to punch – Look if it is able to punch in all kinds of materials. You should buy one that can punch holes in both mild and tough materials
So, if you are still facing problems with punching holes, go and get yourself a knockout tool today.

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