Pre-engineered Building Construction Industry In India: Changing Faucet Of Construction

What is meant by pre-engineered building construction?

The pre-engineered building is a modern concept of building construction, where the component parts of a building are designed and built in a factory facility, and then transported to the site, where the parts are assembled with anchor bolts or nut bolts to erect it firmly. The pre – engineered buildings are primarily made of steel built over the following concept:
• Building of the primary frame
• Building of the secondary frame
• Sheeting of roof
• Cladding of walls
• Building of accessories

Building of the various components of a pre-engineered building

Pre-engineered building industry has been gaining market share in a rapid way over the last decade. Pre building engineering stands on the strong principle of civil engineering with the help of computer aided designing. The best manufacturers in India make use of the latest software like Tekla and Staad Pro, and the skill and experience of some of the greatest engineers and safety inspectors have ultimately led to the building of some of the finest pre-engineered steel building systems in India

• Primary Framing System – This refers to the building of the foundation with crane brackets, wind bracing, end wall frames, and rigid frames. The Rigid Frames form the skeleton of the building and bear the main load of the structure. The End Wall Frames are responsible for distributing the load among all the walls of the building. Wind Bracing does the job of supporting and transferring the seismic forces among the columns.

• Secondary Framing System – This is the part that supports the roof and walls of the structure with the help of sag rods, eave struts, wall girts and roof purlins

• Sheeting and Cladding of Roof and Walls – This is done through Standing Seam, High Rib and Low Rib. The Accessories involve the staircase, doors, insulation, louvers, skylight panels, turbo ventilators, and ridge ventilators. It is mainly the structure that is for the interior and luxury.

Finding the best pre-engineered building construction firm in India
The leaders in the pre-engineered building construction industry in India include some giants that have the distinction of being the foremost Indian PEB firms to be certified for OHSAS 18000:2009 for various projects. They have the most experienced and highly dedicated engineers whose sole aim is to deliver the completed project right on time. For this to happen, they take the help of ERP. The quality of the PEB is always impeccable, thanks to the four – level quality checks that each project undergoes before being finally installed. The companies are proud of their high and large building projects, which were completed in scheduled time. There have also been buildings as gigantic as 5000 MT project that have been delivered within record time.

The companies have completed loads of PEB projects in time to win a lot of accolades. There have been no defects reported from any project till date. The highly expert technical teams take care of every single detailing in each project with the utmost care to deliver the best product possible.

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