Points to Note While Shipping Your Car

Registering with a load board helps both shippers and carriers. Getting your car shipped by a professional carrier can help you save money, effort and time.

All you have to do is to enter year, make and model of the car in the site. You will instantly get quotes from several carriers from which you can choose one best suited to your case of ship my car. Or else, you can make a listing to be bid on by choosing the load board’s listing process.

After you have listed your car shipment, car carriers will begin bidding on your listing. You can start negotiating on such bids, rejecting those you don’t like and accepting the ones that best suit you.

The best part about load boards is that most of them are free for shippers and inexpensive for carriers. It is vital that you do some research on the carriers before you choose one. Some sites offer feedback on thousands of transporters across the country. Do research on their safety records, insurance policy and feedback from former customers.

Preparing Car For Transport: Before shipping your car, keep the following points in mind:

• Empty fuels tank: Before shipping, take one last ride in your car so that tank is empty, and there are less chances of a fire hazard. If your car is leaking fluids, let your carrier know so that it does not drip onto other vehicles being transported along with it and causes damage or fire. Oil and coolant are slippery material and can be dangerous if it is not noted by you or your carrier.
• Remove personal items: Keep away all personal belongings. For one, they might get damaged during transit. For another, they will not be covered by insurance. Thirdly, they may add weight to the car, which makes it costlier.

• Reduce damage: Take care of some things to reduce damage like removing spoilers, front bumpers and making stiff the shock dampening.

• Take photos: Take dated photographs of car from all angles to record any pre-shipment cosmetic damages like dents and scratches. This report must be included in the bill of lading prior to shipping.

Classic Cars: Classic cars are not only useful but they are rare, cherished possession of owners. Therefore, in order to ship a classic car, much care must be taken to find a carrier with experience and expertise in shipping classic cars. You have the option of both open and enclosed trucks but for classic cars, enclosed trucks are most useful to protect from dirt, debris and oil from outside. Enclosed transport gives you the peace of mind regarding your treasured cars.

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