Palaces of Jaipur: The Marvellous Specimen of Rajaputana Grandeur

Jaipur, the capital of the land of Maharajas, is known not just for its grand history but also for the lavish lifestyles of its kings. And when you talk about it, one thing that pops in the mind are the majestic palaces. These grand palaces are epitome of the Rajputana affluence and make a great entry into any traveller’s bucket list. Take a look at some of the most celebrated and magnificent palaces in Jaipur.

Jaipur, an integral part of the ‘Golden Triangle’ tourist circuit along with Delhi and Agra, is the beautiful door to the Rajasthan tourism. The city has always been looked on as one of the biggest tourist attractions in the sub-continent. Rich with myriad colors of culture, the aroma of Rajasthani cuisine and an interesting history to explore; this is one place you cannot miss to add to your travel bucket list. Of all the things Jaipur is famous for, its palaces keep a separate stand. And one simply cannot complete their tour without exploring any of them.

Reaching Jaipur is not a difficult task, as the capital is conveniently connected to all the major cities in India and abroad. Regular flights, trains and buses can be taken from major cities. There are many good, comfortable and budget friendly hotels in Jaipur that are perfect for families, couples and solo travellers.

Talking about palaces, Jaipur has few of the most famous ones in its kitty. Rambagh Palace is often touted as the “Jewel of Jaipur” and counted amongst the most beautiful palaces in India. Built in 1835 by Maharaja Ram Singh ll, the palace is spread over 47 acres and served as the residence for the king. Today the palace has been turned into a lavish hotel, with 79 beautiful rooms, 4 grand suites, restaurants and bars. Tourists can take a tour of the palace and soak themselves to its rich beauty and history.

Next is the City Palace, the place where Maharaja of Jaipur officially ran his governance from. The City Palace is the perfect mix of Rajputana, Mughal and European architectural styles. The famous ‘Mubarak Mahal’ and ‘Chandra Mahal’ are also located within its premises. Visitors can enjoy the huge array of attire worn by the royals apart from exploring the palace. Another very famous palace in Jaipur is the Hawa Mahal. The icon of Jaipur is a five storey structure with numerous windows and screens. It is said that it served as the place for women from the royal families to have a look at the street, without being observed. Located next to City Palace, it can be visited during day hours.

Amber Fort is majestic of all and is located on a hilltop, offering a panoramic view to the city. The massive area of the fort includes several temples, gardens, small palaces and courtyards. Visitors can either walk up to the fort or share a Jeep ride and even an elephant ride. Last but not the least is the Nahargarh Fort. Located above the Amber Fort, this huge palace served as the initial home to the royal family of Jaipur. The palace offers a great view of the city and has served as the shooting spot for several films, like the very popular ‘Rang De Basanti’. Nahargarh Fort can be visited throughout the day and has good facilities for the tourists.

The best time to visit Jaipur and explore its palaces is from November to March, when the temperature is comparatively cooler. Tourists are advised to make travel arrangements like train and air ticket booking beforehand to avoid clutter and chaos. It also advised to pack right, and not to forget light winter wear, utility products and a good pair of shoes.

If you’re one of those who love to explore the architectural history, Jaipur has a lot to offer. From the grandeur to architecture brilliance, this is one place you sure have to visit.

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