Owning a property in Pokhran 2-Mumbai

In Mumbai most of the people live in rental house or in rental flat. This is the best time to purchase your own flat or property at very affordable price in Pokhran 2. The projects here provide the best opportunity to every buyer and investor.

In Thane district, huge projects are introduced by developers. Buyers can get the best deal in this place. Pokhran 2 has become a historical place of India. To develop this place, lots of projects have been announced by the government. In feature buyers and investors get the best price against their investments. You can easily buy a Thane since it gives you a chance to move away from the expanding population and yet be closer to Mumbai. In Mumbai, property rate goes higher and higher, today most of us don’t even think to purchase property in Mumbai. So Thana district is the best place to invest. You can find homes and apartments, and flats in your budget. Also this is convenient in every aspect. You can also find frequent train and bus services that connects with Mumbai.

Everyone wants peace in his/her life and home. By owning a property in Pokhran 2-Mumbai you will get the opportunity to own a valuable piece of land which will be worth a lot, not just now but for the future as well. Plus the transport facilities here will enable you to be well-connected with not just Mumbai but also other parts of the nation by various modes of transport. Apart from that the daily amenities and facilities and institutions for education, medical attention and entertainment are in abundance giving the metro touch. Over all it would be safe to assume that Pokhran 2 is a major metropolitan city just like Delhi and Bangalore.

Why Badlapur?

Badlapur on the other hand falls under the ‘affordable’ range of property hotspots. This is a place where you find flats at low cost. A Flat in Badlapur – Mumbai will probably be light on your purse for the same returns of a major city. You can find the same convenience and other facilities here within a few kilometers of your location. Flats are available as per your needs and budget. This is the most profitable investment for investors and also for buyers. Also the fact is that prices of properties here in Badlapur have risen appreciably over the last few months and there is more to expect. Such locations are seen as a golden opportunity for property hunters to buy some low-cost properties and then see the value of those properties rise high. Badlapur is one of them; however it can in no way be compared with Pokhran 2 or any other major neighborhoods of Mumbai.

Final Verdict

Buying a house in Pokhran 2 is comparable to buying a property in some of the most prime locations of India since the property price here is around Rs. 10,000 per. sq. ft., not to forget the luxurious lifestyle one can live. On the other hand a flat in Badlapur-Mumbai would be at the rate of Rs. 3500 per. Sq. ft. which comes in the affordable range. So ultimately it all boils down to how much you can afford since both the locations have an excellent ambience and it won’t be a mistake to invest in either of them. However the important part is also whether you are merely looking for an investment option or are looking for a long-time residential option with the same luxuries as an expensive flat in central Mumbai. Pokhran 2 may seem like a good option in that case and if not then Badlapur is the best option.

Author’s Bio – Prakhar Srivastava is a freelance writer who has loads of experience in writing for the real estate sector. He writes for many blogs and websites. His piece of writings is always useful to provide a deep insight into the property value of a region.

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