Overseas education a necessity or demand

In a rapidly evolving corporate world and a more dynamic and competitive working environment, young people are increasingly under pressure to be the best and more flexible to changing social, cultural, political, technological, environmental and economic issues. More people are pursuing overseas education in a bid to expose themselves to new things, people and environment and equip themselves with skills that are necessary to help them excel in an increasingly culturally diversified working environment and in so doing, achieve personal and professional growth. This has generated intense debate whether oversea education is a demand or necessity for career growth.

Is Overseas Education a Demand or Necessity For Career Growth?
With numerous students from across the globe queuing at various local passport agency contact centers to obtain passport to facilitate their travel oversea to further their education, it is quite difficult to convince people that overseas education is not a necessity but a demand.

There is no disputing the fact that economic growth and national security of a country lies on the foundation of a well educated population with broad worldview that allows it to effectively engage the environment around it.
Additionally, it is an open secret that those exposed to culturally diverse environments are better placed in celebrating diversity rather than fearing it.
But does this mean that individuals have to acquire overseas education to be able to grow professionally and better adapt to a working environment, where cultural diversity is highly encouraged and cultivated?

It’s All About Content
There are millions of people who have become global leaders in their areas of expertise and even generate world changing innovations without seeking overseas education. Simply because there is an increase in demand for overseas education does not mean overseas education breaks or makes a career. It simply means an individual with overseas education has more edge than those without it.

Career growth is improved by the education content one receives regardless of where they obtain it.
Although few in number, there are local universities and colleges providing quality education that meets international standards. These institutions of higher learning have been able to produce well rounded individuals who are not only flexible and multilingual but also, individuals who are able to exploit their highest potential and thrive in multicultural settings.
This point to the fact that education content in various local institutions is no lesser than that offered at overseas institutions, which proves that overseas education is more of a demand than a necessity for career growth.
Although obtaining overseas education is a good launching pad for any career, it is not the deal breaker. This is because career growth is greatly determined by the content of education an individual obtains and not necessarily where they have received it.

However, it is important to note that no one should downplay the value of overseas education in career growth because it does help people to be more hands on with the world and grapple constructively with other global players against emerging global challenges. In addition, it exposes people to diversity, which is crucial in helping individuals work competitively in a world that is has increasingly become a global village.

In conclusion, overseas education is a demand and not a necessity. It does help build your resume but it does not make or break your career.

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